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IRAN EXECUTES 2 GAY TEENAGERS by inspiredcreativity IRAN EXECUTES 2 GAY TEENAGERS by inspiredcreativity

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Even though this took place 5 years ago, in 2005, it still haunts, along with over 4000 lesbians and gay men who have been executed since the Ayatollahs seized power in 1979, to 2005. I have no numbers for the last 5 years, but there is no reason to believe it has abated.

While we suffer some Homophobia in the Western world, there are some countries where GBLT boys, girls and adults, live in terror of discovery, facing being ostracized, fined, imprisoned, lashed, and death. Imagine finding anyone to love, then remember they cannot live together, must avoid others seeing them together too much, always hiding. If you are born effeminate, it must be a nightmare. I would bet that suicide for GBLT people is very high in these countries.

In the following Countries, being GBLT may mean that you are fined, imprisoned, lashed, and/or sentenced to death, and all are based in Christian or Islamic based homophobia:

Iran, Egypt, Iran, Saudi Arabia, Zimbabwe (home of Robert Mugabe), to name the worst;

Algeria, Angola, Benin, Botswana, Cameroon, Djibouti, Eritrea, Ethiopia, Gambi, Ghana, Guinea Bissau, Kenya, Lesotho, Liberia, Libya, Malawi, Mauritania, Mauritius, Morocco, Mozambique, Nigeria, Sao Tome and Principe, Senegal, Seychelles, Sierra Leone, Somalia, Sudan, Swaziland, Tanzania, Togo, Tunisia, Uganda, Zambia, Zimbabwe;

Bangladesh, Bhutan, Brunei, Iran, Kuwait, Lebanon, Malaysia, Maldives, Myanmar, Nepal, Oman, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, Sri Lanka, Syria, Turkmenistan, United Arab Emirates, Uzbekistan, Yemen;

Antigua and Bermuda, Barbados, Belize, Dominica, Grenada, Jamaica, Saint Kitts and Nevis, Saint Lucia, Saint Vincent and the Grenadines, Trinidad and Tobago;

Cook Islands, Kiribati, Nauru, Niue, Palau, Papua New Guinea, Solomon Islands, Tokelau, Tonga, Tuvalu, Western Samoa.

NOTES: These are updates about Laws in certain Countries. However, it should be noted that the laws on the books and what is actually done in Police Stations and in Prisons, such as Torture, can be different in some countries:

kuchinawa has updated me on India, which legalized Homosexuality in July of 2009. It's also one of the only societies that lets people legally register as third gender. Great News, Thank You Daniela.

magicianmaxx has updated me on Turkey. "Until now in the Turkish history, no LGTT person has been imprisoned or given any punishment...there is not such a law to give punishments for having homosexual relationships. The only constraint is military which doesn't allow homosexuality." Great News, Thank You David.

Simply-Different94 has updated me on the United Arab Emirates (UAE):
(1) You can be gay but not say it in a very open way in work...but you may dress the way you want...if you openly announce your homosexuality, the worst think that can happen is getting fired.
(2) If you show your homosexuality in public only you will be arrested but NOT tortured or harmed in anyway..and you will be in jail for a 1 day only.
(3) Homosexual sex is still not allowed BUT all types of sex are not allowed either before marriage..even if it's straight...this is because the Islamic laws.

shnoogles has updated me on Oman:
1- There are laws against homosexuality
2- The cases go to the court only if a scandal was involved to the public
3- In courts, they put you in jail for 3 years with/or paying fine
4- Homosexual sex is not allowed along with other kinds of sex before marriage because of Islamic laws and rules.


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This picture says a lot more then what has happened. I hate how Islam in Arab countries prevents Human nature such as being Gay, Lesbian, and Trans!
This isn't right! I'm a Muslim and a Gay Rights Supporter! It's wrong that this happened, I wish they were not discovered and went to America or some better place. :( I hate how people can't stand Gays, because think about it...

What if Gay was Straight and Straight was Gay? We'd all be judged if we weren't Gay...

May these two men rest in peace, and have happiness in Heaven were there is no judgment!
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PULPtricycle Featured By Owner Edited Dec 24, 2015
This may well NOT be Islam, but it IS faith!

The sooner we rid ourselves of these bronze age myths, the better!
inspiredcreativity Featured By Owner Dec 24, 2015  Professional Digital Artist
It is true that Sharia Law as practice by some Muslims does not represent the vast majority of Muslims in the world today.  The problem comes from some Muslims, most arabic muslims, who follow the Hadith, which is separate from the Qur'an, and considered by them to abrogate the peaceful passages of the Qur'an.  Sharia law comes from a very barbaric time in history.  There is an ignorant assumption by many humans, in all religions, who believe that if you force people to comply to a 'good' way of life that it will result in good people. You cannot legislate morality.  Morality comes from personal choice, from the inside out, not from the outside in. Imposing strict rules and a way of life on people dies not result in higher morality.  Radical muslim movements, such as ISSIS , wish to return to an ancient way of life, believing that this will somehow represent moral perfection, which is completely ignorant and delusional.

Alas, many people, including many Americans, take the bigoted view that all Muslims are terrorists and insist on female circumcision, etc. 
ahmed77890 Featured By Owner Dec 13, 2015
inspiredcreativity Featured By Owner Dec 14, 2015  Professional Digital Artist
I agree 100%.  Every religion has people who do monstrous things, all in the name of their God.
ahmed77890 Featured By Owner Dec 14, 2015
yes.the god tell everyone don't kill anyone Except if anyone is killed
This respect for Islam
but isis see The opposite completely
inspiredcreativity Featured By Owner Dec 16, 2015  Professional Digital Artist
It is very sad. Too many people want to kill.
ahmed77890 Featured By Owner Dec 16, 2015
but i don't want to kill and hit anyone
the poor arab
isis is don't know What to do never
inspiredcreativity Featured By Owner Dec 17, 2015  Professional Digital Artist
Ahmed, we cannot change the world, but we choose who we are and how we live. Sometimes the best thing you can do is to be a good example for others, to live your life in a very positive and loving way, as Allah intended.  The world is full of evil, but it is also full of goodness and love.  It is easy to see only the evil and not the goodness around us. You sound like a very caring and good spirit.  You are the hope for a better world. 

There is great injustice and wrong in the world.  Other young Muslims can be overcome with ANGER about the injustice they see, and it is easy to be incited into HATE.  Hate is a poison that harms the person who hates. They believe false religious leaders who tell them that paradise comes from killing and dying in the name of Allah.  I bet that most of those young people have not read the sacred Qur'an themselves.  The same is true of Christians who hate and do evil things in the name of God.  But if they read the words of Jesus, they would see he speaks only of peace and love.

Leaders use religion to get what they want, they twist the words of prophets into false lies.  This has happened for thousands of years. For many Muslims, it comes down to if you believe in the words of the Qur'an, or the words of the Hadith., and how you choose to interpret them.

For you, try not to despair.  Focus on becoming a better person.

I hope that violence does not find you in Egypt.
ahmed77890 Featured By Owner Dec 17, 2015
IKR About this all but
If I said I am a Muslim for Anyone Arab world came out
is Thought I am a terrorist but
islam is not one for terrorist and i am a muslim 
i am not terrorist ok
inspiredcreativity Featured By Owner Dec 18, 2015  Professional Digital Artist
I know you are not a terrorist, and I am sorry many people assume that you are, just because you are Muslim.  I am sorry that there are so many bigoted people in the world and in my country (USA) who see all Muslims as terrorists. I know this must feel terrible to you. These are ignorant people who do not understand the teachings of Islam.  FEAR & IGNORANCE cause bigotry.  All my life, I have faced bigotry for being Gay.  Even you may have automatic bad feelings about Gay people.  People can see a label, like Muslim, Jew, Homosexual (Gay), Black, Arab, and automatically think bad things about all of these people, without knowing any of those people. 

In American, for many years, most of what we see on TV, about Muslims, is about terrorism and war.  We just had a Muslim husband and wife who murdered 14 people an injured 22 in San Bernardino, CA, USA, in the name of jihad and ISSIS.  This makes many Americans fear Muslims.  Many Americans no longer want to allow Syrian refugees into he country, afraid that we will not know which are refugees, and which are terrorists. Who is innocent and who is dangerous?  It is therefore easier to fear ALL Muslims.  It is this way in France and in Europe as well.

Many Americans also see ALL Muslims as people who mistreat women, who engage in female circumcision, who treat women as slaves, who hang, imprison or torture Gay people, who have brutal punishments 
and very limited freedom under Sharia Law, who hate anyone who is not a Muslim.  I know this in NOT true of most Muslims around the world. Unfortunately, most people are not educated about Islam and how it is practiced by different peoples around the world.  This ignorance makes many people see Muslims as brutal and inhumane people. 

American schools do not teach much about the world, other people or other cultures. The focus is all on math and science.  Some schools still teach that God created the 
Universe in 6 days and that evolution is a lie (A Christian thing).  Many American are very ignorant.

When people do not understand things, they FEAR those things.  FEAR can lead to district and even hate.  People ask questions, like: "If Muslims are against ISSIS, why don't the Muslims around the world speak out against terrorism more, or fight against ISSIS?"  They do not understand that Muslims can also be afraid of terrorism and extremist Muslims.  For hundreds of years, Catholic and Protestant Christians tried to kill each other and destroy each other, like many Sunni and Shiite Muslims today.  It really has very little to do with religion.  Once hate and killing start, then people want revenge and retribution, and then they teach their children to hate 'the' people. This is how racial hatred starts.

Racial hatred also starts when people believe that they are SUPERIOR and BETTER than the other people.  If you believe that being a Christian, or being a Muslim, automatically makes you superior to other people, because of your religion, then this leads to cultural wars and hatred.  If Jews believe they are fundamentally superior to other people, this causes problems.  If Catholic believe they are superior to Protestants, or vice versa, this leads to problems. 

In the Crusades, starting in AD 1095, lasting until around AD 1295 (200 years), then again in 1392 to 1436, Christians decided they must 'rescue' the holy lands from the Turkish empire. The Christians treated the people they conquered in brutal and barbaric ways, because to them, non-Christian people were not really people. In contrast, Sultan Saladin (1137 or 1138), when he was victorious against the Christians, he followed the sacred Qur'an and treated the defeated Christians well, even paying to return them home and treating their injuries.

Historically, Islam has been very tolerant of other religions, until recent times in the Arab world. 

Personally, I choose to be a good man out of my own desire, out of compassion and care for other people, and not because of a promise of a heaven (paradise) or the threat of a hell, nor out of obedience to a God or Gods.  When I was 34, I left my good job and started working full-time as a volunteer, helping to care for the dying, feeding the hungry and then counseling young people in crisis (suicide, depression, anxiety, etc). I still do this now.  It means I must live with little money, but that is Ok, I do not need much.

I am only trying to say that a religion does not make a person good or bad.  It is each person who makes choices about being good or bad.  Do we allow GREED and SELFISHNESS to rule us, or do we allow compassion to guide us? The teachings of a religion, like Islam, like Buddhism, like Christianity, like Hinduism, like Judaism, or Aboriginal faiths, all can guide us, but we are still the ones with the POWER OF CHOICE.  If your Imam tells you that you must wear a suicide vest and kill many innocent people, to please Allah and go to Paradise, it still comes down to your choice to do it or not (unless you are forced against your will or under threat of your family).  However, if you are taught to believe and trust your Imam, and if all you have ever been taught is a twisted and UNTRUE version of Islam, it is easy to see how a 16-year-old boy or girl could be talked into doing something very evil and against Allah.  I have seen videos of young children being taught about Jihad and shown how to use guns, at ages as young as 10.

When people read the Christian Bible, they can text out of context and justify about every EVIL thing possible. Genocide and other horrible crimes against humanity have been done in the same of Christianity.  In every religion, there is hypocrisy between what is taught and what is practiced, and how a prophet's words are interpreted.  For example, some Muslims claim that the Hadith gives permission to rape kafir (non-muslim) women and girls, claiming Mohammed repeatedly sanctioned forced sex (rape) with kafir females after they were captured, and did so himself, and this therefore means it is not a sin. [I have no idea if this is true or not.] 

In the modern world, some old Muslim practices are now outlawed, although some are still practiced.  Are you familiar with the practice of Bacha bāzī (Boy Play) practiced by Muslims in countries like Pakistan and Afghanistan?  Here, Muslim men believe that it is not a sin to have sex with boys, as long as they have not started to grow a beard.  They interpret 'beardless boys' (Bacha bereesh) as not consider male, so sex with them is not considered homosexuality, as it would be between adult men.  Boys are either take, traded or purchased as young as age 12, dressed as women, feminized, then taught to dance in sensual feminine ways. They reformed to dance for groups of men. Afterwards, the boys are used sexually (sodomized) by the men. These boys are eventually released around age 17 to 18, only to be outcast by the rest of society.  Boys between ages of 14 to 16 are considered an ideal age for sexual use.  This is child rape.  This practice apparently goes back to the time of Mohammed.  A French study found that 95% of Pakistani truck drivers have sex with boys.

You can even see talk of sex with boys under Islamic marriage rules: From…  
  • If a baligh person (a person who has reached maturity or puberty, and has full responsibility under Islamic law) commits sodomy with a boy, the mother, sister and daughter of the boy become haraam (anything that is prohibited in the Qur'ran or would result in sin when committed by a Muslim) for him. And the same law applies when the person on whom sodomy is committed is an adult male, or when the person committing sodomy is na-baligh. But if one suspects or doubts whether penetration occurred or not, then the said woman would not become haraam.
  • If a person marries the mother or sister of a boy, and commits sodomy with the boy after the marriage, as a precaution, they will become haraam for him.

In other words, if a Muslim dates a woman and finds her kid brother or son attractive, he must choose one or the other. He can't have both.

Like I said, sex with boys has been outlawed (as far as I know) in Muslim countries, but the traditional practices still continue today in areas.


Those who justify terrorism against civilian populations, even muslim populations, do so by claiming that the "sword verses" abrogate (or override) the earlier Qur'an verses that limit jihad to defensive war, as follows:

The earliest Qur'anic verses dealing with the right to engage in a "defensive" jihad, or struggle, were revealed shortly after the hijra (emigration) of Muhammad and his followers to Medina in flight from their persecution in Mecca. At a time when they were forced to fight for their lives, Muhammad is told: (22:39 -40)

    "Leave is given to those who fight because they were wronged - surely God is able to help them - who were expelled from their homes wrongfully for saying, 'Our Lord is God"'

The defensive nature of jihad is clearly emphasized in 2:190, "And fight in the way of God with those who fight you, but aggress not: God loves not the aggressors." At critical points throughout the years, Muhammad received revelations from God that provided guidelines for the jihad . As the Muslim community grew, questions quickly emerged as to what was proper behavior during times of war.

The Qur'an provided detailed guidelines and regulations regarding the conduct of war: who is to fight and who is exempted (48:17, 9:91), when hostilities must cease (2:192), and how prisoners should be treated (47:4) . Most important, verses such as 2:294 emphasized that warfare and the response to violence and aggression must be proportional:

    "Whoever transgresses against you, respond in kind."

However, Qur'anic verses also underscore that peace, not violence and warfare, is the norm. Permission to fight the enemy is balanced by a strong mandate for making peace: (8:61)

    "If your enemy inclines toward peace, then you too should seek peace and put your trust in God"

and (4:90)

    "Had Allah wished, He would have made them dominate you, and so if they leave you alone and do not fight you and offer you peace, then Allah allows you no way against them"

From the earliest times, it was forbidden in Islam to kill noncombatants as well as women and children and monks and rabbis, who were given the promise of immunity unless they took part in the fighting.

But what of those verses, sometimes referred to as the "sword verses," that call for killing unbelievers, such as, "When the sacred months have passed, slay the idolaters wherever you find them, and take them, and confine them, and lie in wait for them at every place of ambush" (9:5) ? This is one of a number of Qur'anic verses that are cited by critics to demonstrate the inherently violent nature of Islam and its scripture.

These same verses have also been selectively used (or abused) by religious extremists to develop a theology of hate and intolerance and to legitimate unconditional warfare against unbelievers. During the period of expansion and conquest, many of the ulama (religious scholars) enjoyed royal patronage and provided a rationale for caliphs to pursue their imperial dreams and extend the boundaries of their empires.

They said that the "sword verses" abrogated or overrode the earlier Qur'anic verses that limited jihad to defensive war: In fact, however, the full intent of "When the sacred months have passed, slay the idolaters wherever you find them" is missed or distorted when quoted in isolation. For it is followed and qualified by: (9:5)

   "But if they repent and fulfill their devotional obligations and pay the zakat [the charitable tax on Muslims], then let them go their way, for God is forgiving and kind"

The same is true of another often quoted verse:

   "Fight those who believe not in God nor the Last Day, nor hold that forbidden which hath been forbidden by God and His Apostle, nor hold the religion of truth [even if they are] of the People of the Book,"

which is often cited without the line that follows, (9:29)

    "Until they pay the tax with willing submission, and feel themselves subdued"

Throughout history, the sacred scriptures of Judaism, Christianity, and Islam have been used and abused, interpreted and misinterpreted, to justify resistance and liberation struggles, extremism and terrorism, holy and unholy wars.  Terrorists like Osama bin Laden and others go beyond classical Islam's criteria for a just jihad and recognize no limits but their own, employing any weapons or means.

They reject Islamic law's regulations regarding the goals and legitimate means for a valid jihad : that violence must be proportional and that only the necessary amount of force should be used to repel the enemy, that innocent civilians should not be targeted, and that jihad must be declared by the ruler or head of state. Today, individuals and groups, religious and lay, seize the right to declare and legitimate unholy wars of terrorism in the name of Islam. 


Islam is NOT to blame for what some people do in the name of Islam.  This is also true of how Christianity, Judaism and Buddhism are NOT to blame for what some people do in the name of their religions. Religions are not evil, but some people are.

People will seek to JUSTIFY their evil acts using their religion, especially if religion can be used to gain power and control over other people. Religious leaders can betray their teachings and lure many otherwise innocent people into acts of evil, to fulfill their own agendas.
(1 Reply)
clonelovergirl218 Featured By Owner Nov 8, 2015  Student General Artist
Oh my gosh they really execute people just because they're gay ???
That's ... Just wrong :(
inspiredcreativity Featured By Owner Nov 8, 2015  Professional Digital Artist
Yes, it is very sad.  In some countries around the world, Sexual Minority people are put in prison, rooted and even executed.  In Iran, Gay men can face a choice between death or bring forced to have surgery to become a women, and Lesbians faced with the choice of death or being forced to have surgery to become a man.  Iranians believe that is the 'solution' to the homosexuality problem.  In countries like Russia, homosexuals face terrible discrimination.  In countries like Uganda, you can be put in prison for life for being homosexual (see… ).

Before Christianity and Islam, homosexuality was widely accepted in the ancient world, and even thought to be special in some societies, such as natives of the Americas.  Homosexuals were typically found in positions of Shaman, Medicine men and women, tribal negotiators and teachers, etc.  Homosexuality was widely accepted in the Greek, Persian and Roman empires, in the Island nations, in Australian aboriginal societies, in the Americas and so on.  There persecution and atrocities against homosexuals started with Christianity and Islam.

The sad thing is that Jesus never once said anything negative about homosexuality or homosexual sex.  Even Paul, in romans and Corinthians did not speak against homosexuality,  His writings, in Coptic Greek, were badly mistranslated into latin and then later from latin into other languages.

Bottom line: People simply use religion to justify their bigotry and inhumanity. 
clonelovergirl218 Featured By Owner Nov 9, 2015  Student General Artist
Thx for the information , interesting , especially the history part with the shamans etc , didn't know that ...

Anyway , I don't understand why or how people can do something like that .
I'm happy that I got the luck to live in a country where something like that can't happen , I mean if they find a reason for killing people just because they are gay who knows what they will do next ?!?

And sorry for my English I hope you understand what I mean ...
inspiredcreativity Featured By Owner Nov 10, 2015  Professional Digital Artist
There are two ways to answer your question, one from a humanity and human nature point of view, and the other from Islamic, Christian, and Judaic points of views.

When children are raised with cultural hate (such as racial hate, religious hate, hate against homosexuals, etc) and without valuing human life, without compassion, then it is easy to justify committing atrocities and supporting atrocities against mankind. Where does compassion, tolerance and forgiveness come from in a society?  We cannot say it comes from religion itself, since Christianity, Judaism and Islam have perpetrated the worst atrocities possible against humanity, throughout their histories. We cannot blame the teachings of the religion, it is the fault of the people themselves, regardless of religion.  Churches and religions are made up of people, and people are very fallible and cable of great evil.  The devil in not an external being who lives in a place called hell, it is our own human nature, it is in all of us.   We CHOOSE to be good people and to do good things.

It is in human nature to desire power and to feel Superior over others, which includes the desire to Dominate others, Subjugate others, Impose your will over others, and Control over others.  Even up into the early 1900s, people went to watch executions for the entertainment and fun of it.  

It all comes down to HOW WE VALUE HUMAN LIFE in any given society or culture. In the United States, we still have a Death Penalty, which is supported almost completely by Christians (since most of the population is Christian), yet it is completely against the teachings of Jesus.  In Judaism and Christianity, you also have the Ten Commandments with, "Thou shalt not kill."  Understanding the Death Penalty is easy in most cases, because it is from the desire for revenge and retribution, which both go against Christianity, which teaches forgiveness and compassion.

In the United States, The Catholic church commissioned a survey of Christians and Catholics, about the topic of TORTURE: 
72% of Catholics Approved of Torture
65% of White Protestants & Evangelicals Approved of Torture
63% of the Total American Public Approved of Torture
51% of Seculars Approved of Torture (people without religion).

In this case, Christian people were far more bloodthirsty than non-religious people, but I don't think it is a religious reason I think it is a cultural one.  It comes down to how children are raised to respect human life, to be tolerant and to be compassionate.  Even in a culture where human life is valued, crowds of people who are AFRAID or who HATE can see people throw away their values and commit terrible comes of violence against others, including killing and torturing others.

For people like Iranians, killing people for breaking their religious laws in normal and the people support this because they have been told their religion requires, even of that is a lie.

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 

IRANIAN LAW: Homosexuality is illegal.  Those charged with love-making are given a choice of four death styles: being hanged, stoned, halved by a sword, or dropped from the highest perch. According to Article 152, if two men not related by blood are discovered naked under one cover without good reason, both will be punished at a judge's discretion.  Even kissing "with lust" (Article 155) is forbidden. This bizarre law works to eliminate old Persian male-bonding customs, including common kissing and holding hands in public. 

Like Christianity, Islam comes in different forms. The Sunni and Shiite sects of Islam, found in certain parts of the world (such as Arab countries), are very radical and don't just follow the Qur'an, they follow teaching purported to have been those of Mohamed, despite Mohamed forbidding anyone to write down or repeat his teachings, because he did not want his own words distracting or detracting from the Qur'an.  The 'Hadith' is collection of traditions containing sayings attributed to the prophet Muhammad that were accounts of his daily practice (the Sunna). However, Mohammed himself forbade this practice, and the Hadith were gathered after his death. There was little proof or origin needed to attach the teachings to Mohammed. All through the Qur'an, Mohamed spoke in terms of peace and only allowed violence in one book, the book of Swords, which covered war and protection of family and homeland. 

Most of the 
violent and inhumane laws and punishments in the Arab world come home Sharia law, which mostly come from the Hadith. Most Muslims in the world do NOT follow Sharia law or the Hadith. 

Please note that even for those who were raised not to value human life and to follow Sharia law and even to hate, does not justify them celebrating the executions and enjoying them as a fun thing to do, which is where true evil comes into the picture.

ADVICE:  No matter what, try to banish hate from your hate whenever you feel it.  Beware of justifications for things you know are wrong.

clonelovergirl218 Featured By Owner Nov 10, 2015  Student General Artist
Thanks for the advise , I'll follow it / I already try .
These ways of executing sounds very cruel to me ...
I know you are right , but for myself I just can't believe that it's fun to see people die ... But yes , I guess how people were raised and thought has a big influence ..
:( :( :(
inspiredcreativity Featured By Owner Nov 11, 2015  Professional Digital Artist
You are most welcome.  We are very limited in how we can change the world or deal with inhumanity in other countries.  However, something you can do it strive to live as a good person, and seek to make a difference in your community and your own country.  Doing the right things is not always convenient or easy, but it can help you feel better about who you are.  We human naturally want to be selfish and self-centered, but we also tend to desire to be part of a community and to cooperate to make a better community and better relationships.

All the best…

clonelovergirl218 Featured By Owner Nov 11, 2015  Student General Artist
Aww thanks for the advise :hug:
You seem to be a wise man :)
inspiredcreativity Featured By Owner Nov 11, 2015  Professional Digital Artist
You are very welcome.
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OfficerMark Featured By Owner Nov 5, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
LGBT people in the civilized countries should, in my opinion, speak out and denounce these crimes in places like Iran and Uganda.
inspiredcreativity Featured By Owner Nov 6, 2015  Professional Digital Artist
I agree.  Alas, those countries could care less what the rest of the world believe or feel, and take pride in defying others, because they believe they are righteous and the rest of us infidels as evil sinners.  

When this hanging happened, the US Government said nothing, since the Republicans were in charge at the time and homophobic themselves.  However, the British Government did officially protest, but of course nothing came of it.

Iran has the highest rate of Transgender surgeries.  At first, this looks good, but is in fact very evil.  In Iran, they believe the solution to homosexuality is to "Correct the Gender."  When discovered, Gay men and Lesbians are forced with a choice of Transgender surgery or death.  Gay men who want to be men, are forced to become women, and Lesbians forced to become men, which is an atrocity against humanity, yet you never heart about this. 

Horrible things are happening to Sexual minority people all over the world, and it is always justified either with Christianity or Islam, as it always has been.  Before Christianity and Islam, most peoples had no trouble with homosexuality, be it the native peoples of the Americas, Australia, the Pacific Islands, the Greek empire, the Persian empire, the Roman empire, Egyptian empire and so on.   This is a case where religion gives people permission to be bigots and to commit crimes of humanity against a minority, all in the name of god.
Rodegas Featured By Owner Apr 2, 2015
But when Saudi Arabia Beheads Homosexsuals, it is ok because they are Allies of USA right?

Muricans are so fair on judgment :D
inspiredcreativity Featured By Owner Apr 4, 2015  Professional Digital Artist
We tend to back anyone convenient to us and look the other way about Human Rights.  The thing is, the United States is a big vigor of the International Human Rights Treaty and it is the reason why the United States in the only Nation on the planet not to sign most of its sections, including the main section, which bans the death penalty, the 'Rights Of The Child' section, because we are the only nation routinely giving prison sentences of "Life in Prison with no chance of ever being releases, even at ages as low as 12, which is a treaty violation, and until recent rears, we were executing children.  We won't the sign the section 'The rights of Immigrant workers' for our constant violations there, and we won't sign the sexton on the 'rights of the woman' for the same reasons, and so on.  We have some of the worst Prisons in the world, called Super-Max  prisons which violate the treaty in a number of ways.  We shoot misses into village and kill many civilians, under the justification of getting one very bad man.  Would we lob a missile into an American town to get a bad man?  

The only thing needed to justify atrocities by the United States is by applying the simple term, "It is in the best interests of the United States.  We never learn out lessons, like when we assassinated President Diem of Vietnam.  Murder is easily justified.  Torture is easily justified.  We had the CIA, Joint Chiefs of Staffs and the all branches of the military tell President Bush and VP Cheney that Torture will not yield usable intelligence and would open out of soldiers to torture in all future conflicts, but the President and VP ordered  them to do it anyway, and they followed orders.  We executed and imprisoned Nazis who said they were just following orders, and do nothing when our own solders and even staff member of the White house commit war crimes.

The USA is in decline due to a very sharp decrease in Research and Development and an even bigger drop in american education, dropping far down the list of nations in education, two decades ago, and due to runaway Greed.  We have schools and textbooks claiming creationism is on equal footing with Evolution, or a higher footing.  The history books are full of outright lies, forced by boards of Education, because america cannot be shown in a truthful light. 
LittleMissToto Featured By Owner Dec 22, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
What about Russia?
inspiredcreativity Featured By Owner Dec 22, 2014  Professional Digital Artist
Russia is not executing Sexual Minority people, but Russia is Persecuting all Sexual Minorities.  The vast majority of the Russian people support abusing  Gay people and gangs lure, hunt, beat, and sometimes kill Gay people.  The Russian Government and Russian Christian church equate homosexuality with child abuse and child molestation/pedophilia, which is an absolute lie.  In fact, by percentage, straight people molest children at a higher rate than homosexuals.
LittleMissToto Featured By Owner Dec 22, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
ok nice to know
Ahmadko Featured By Owner Apr 28, 2014  Student Traditional Artist
i Live in IRAN and i remmember this execution  
they have killed 50 people for no reason
this is why they have executed
donot say any thing since you are not in IRan ok? and Thank you
inspiredcreativity Featured By Owner Apr 29, 2014  Professional Digital Artist
Thank you for the comment.  I am not sure I understand your english.  I do not know who "they" are.  Is "they" Iranian officials or the two boys?

If you are saying that Iran has executed (killed) 50 more people, then this is very, very sad. I hope that someday the executions will stop.

If you are saying that the two boys killed over 50 people, this is not true, the two boys never killed anyone.  My story was verified by multiple sources within Iran, and widely reported around the world.  I also talked with someone in Iran (here on DA) who verified it.

Things that happen in every country of the world are talked about in the world community. When bad things happen in the United States, in Europe, in Africa, Asia, Russia, Australia, etc, it is talked about.  If we do not talk about the bad things happening in the world, we have no chance to learn for those mistakes and try to stop it from happening again.

Religions are made up of people and people can be very evil and cruel.  Evil and cruel people hide behind religion as use religions as justification for their evil and cruel acts.  This is true in ALL religions.  I do not blame the religion, I blame the people.  

When the people of a country support evil acts, or say nothing and do nothing to stop the evil, then it is the people who must be planed as well.  When many Americans supported torture in Iraq, I spoke and acted against it.  Now it is against the law for Americans to torture.  The Sacred Quran does not support such murder as has been happening in Iran. 
Lalunabluena Featured By Owner Jan 23, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
do countries like this still execute people for being gay?
inspiredcreativity Featured By Owner Jan 25, 2014  Professional Digital Artist
Yes, there are still some countries who execute homosexuals or give them life in prison sentences.  Iran also intimidates and forces Sexual Reassignment Surgery on homosexual men and women. In other words, a Gay man would have his penis and testicles removed and given breasts, and a Lesbian would be given a penis and have her breasts taken away.  This is very different from a Transgender person who feels trapped in the body of the wrong gender and who desire a Sexual Reassignment Surgery and hormone treatment therapy.  Iran forces men to become women and women to become men.  This is why Iran claims they have no homosexuals, because they are FIXING the problem.  Iran has the highest rate of Sexual Reassignment Surgery in the world.
Lalunabluena Featured By Owner Jan 25, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
So basically the gay men and women of Iran (and possibly some other countries like Iran) get a forced sex change operations. That is just incredibly sick.   
inspiredcreativity Featured By Owner Jan 26, 2014  Professional Digital Artist
Terrible things are done in the name of Gods.  The blame does not go to the teachings of a religion, it goes to the people who use religion as an excuse to be cruel, to commit atrocities against humanity, to feel superior over others, to wield power over others, to force their personal beliefs on others.  

In Christianity, Jesus does not say a single word, not one hint against homosexuality or homosexual sex.  This is important if you consider that Jesus would have been exposed to same sex behavior in Judea, where he was born and raises.  Judea was part of the Roman Empire and had large numbers of Roman garrisons and citizens.  Homosexual sex was part of the standard Roman sexual spectrum and was openly practiced.  We now know that Jesus was raised in an urban area heavily populated by Romans (his father was a carpenter).  In the some 34 years of the life of Jesus, he was bound to have known about homosexual sex, but chose not to ever say a word against it.

The Hebrews and Jewish faith have never interpreted the story of Sodom & Gomorrah as having anything to do with homosexuality.  In fact, even the Christian faith did not interpret the story being about homosexuality until AD 1100, over a thousand years after the death of Jesus Christ.  It all hinges on the use of one word, the word KNOW.

Genesis 19:5 : And they called unto Lot, and said unto him, Where are the men which came in to thee this night? Bring them out unto us, that we may KNOW them.

While the Hebrew word for KNOW appears over 900 times in the Hebrew Scriptures, only approximately 1% (13-14 times) of those references is it clearly used as a euphemism for realizing sexual intimacy.  Instead, the demand to KNOW should be interpreted as demanding the right to interrogate the strangers.  The sins of Sodom & Gomorrah were many, but mostly based in INHOSPITALITY & GENERAL WICKEDNESS.  To the Nomadic Hebrews, inhospitality was one of the greatest sins possible.

Next, we move to the New Testament, to Paul.  The only time that homosexuality is alleged to be spoken about in the New Testament, is by Paul, in romans and Corinthians. Paul and the other writers of the New Testament wrote in Coptic Greek.  There is no word in Coptic Greek for homosexuality or same-sex sex, as it was simply considered normal 'sex.'   The translators who translated the Coptic Greek into Latin (and from Latin to English and other languages), took two words that Paul used and claimed that the pair of words used together mean same-sex sex.  This is an outright lie.  Any scholar of Coptic Greek can show that that word-pair is not used to mean same-sex sex anywhere else in the literature of the times.  It means something else.  If you want to know the exact details of this, I will be happy to send it to you.

CONCLUSION:  For most of Christian history, Christians have been systematically torturing, executing, murdering, imprisoning, beating, and discriminating against Sexual Minorities, and it still continues to this day.  Even ion the United States, Homosexuals were put in prison until 2003.  As a young man, I saw homosexuals tortured using electric shock to the genitals.  It was a called "Aversion therapy." The victim would be shown gay pornography and then electrocuted.
See THE TORTURE OF HOMOSEXUALS by inspiredcreativity The Torture Of Homosexuals - 1950s to 1980s 

Even now, half of the boys and 30% of the girls who commit suicide or attempt to do so, are Sexual Minorities. EVERY YEAR, about 640,000 Sexual Minority Kids, some as young as 12 years old, go onto the street, and 39% of those were thrown out of their homes after “Coming Out” or discovery of their homosexuality or bisexuality, because of conflicts with moral and religious values. The vast majority of those parents are Christians.  In other words, we have made a lot of progress here in the United states, but still have a long way to go.

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inspiredcreativity Featured By Owner Nov 5, 2013  Professional Digital Artist
It is basically impossible to directly influence religious laws in the Arab world.  No amount of threats, embargoes or isolation will change it.  The change will eventually happen internally, but it will take a long time.  Remember that they are indoctrinated in religious based hatred, just as so many Christians are in the world.  As I will show below, today we still have atrocities committed against Sexual Minority people here in the United States, especially against children.

Past 1989, only the United States, Congo, Pakistan and Iran were executing children, with the United State executing more children than all the rest combined, until 2005. The only thing that stopped the execution of children in the United States was a slim 1 vote majority in the Supreme Court, or we would still be doing it today.  In Texas and Colorado, they sped up the executions in anticipation of the Court ruling.  If it was up to the American majority (the vast majority being Christian), we would still be executing juvenile offenders, which is not much better than what Iran is doing.  Americans have little moral ground to stand on.  

When dealing with issues of Social Injustice and Bigotry, it is important to start at home, in your own house, then in your community, then in your state and then in your country and then internationally.  The United States is seen by many people in the world as hypocritical, because we are such big violators of Human Rights, and then we point at other countries and say they are bad people for violating human rights.  The United States (which includes me) is one of the worst violators of Human Rights in the civilized world.  The United States cannot even sign the International Human Rights Treaty, because we violate most of the sections.

The United States is the ONLY COUNTRY in the world not to sign the RIGHTS OF THE CHILD section of the International Human Rights Treaty. This is because we were still executing children until 2005, and because the United States is the only country in the world sentencing children (as young as 11) to Life in prison with no chance of release, a violation of the International Human Rights Treaty, and we do it routinely with many thousands of children sentenced this way.  We also routinely try children as young as 11 as adults, at the sole discretion of elected prosecutors.  For the same exact crime, one juvenile might get almost no punishment, while another gets life in prison with no chance of release.  We also cannot sign the other sections of the treaty, like the Rights of WomenRights of Immigrant Workers, Rights of of Prisoners, and even the main section of the treaty, because we violate ALL of them routinely, and some even by law.

I was born in 1955.  While I was growing up, the murder, torture, imprisonment and discrimination against sexual minorities was normal.  There was even a special prison a lot of it was done in, called Atascadero, in California (federal). Homosexuals were lobotomized by using an instrument like an ice-pick then was inserted through the eye socket and up into the brain, where parts of the frontal lobes were scraped out, turning men into vegetables. Homosexuals were also subjected to aversion therapy, where electrodes were connected to their testicles, penis, arms, legs and torso, the shocked with high current electricity, which burned and scarred the skin.  The electric shock torture was done on children suspected of homosexuality up entail recent times.  It is still done in the United States today, but is a lot less common.  

Gay bashing and murder was somewhat of a sport for young men in the United States. There was a case in the state of Maine where three young men murdered a gay man and were caught in the act.  The jury found them innocent.  A juror then told a reporter, on TV, that it would be a shame to ruin the lives of such nice young men, just for killing some faggot.  In my business, working on merchant ships (not military), they simply killed anyone they believed was gay, by tossing you over the side of the ship to drown.  Being outed in America meant losing your job, career, your professional licenses (like doctor or lawyer), and often your family and freinds.  Your name was often published in the town newspaper, along with your address and phone number.  Those who did not kill themselves ended up surviving in the Gay ghettos of the largest cities.  As a young man, I was in an underground Gay Community.  My partners had to be kept a secret or I would lose my job and career and likely my life.

There has been great progress towards acceptance and equal rights in America, for Sexual Minorities, but we still have a long way to go.  Last week I talked with a 14-year-old girl who was just thrown out onto the streets by her Christian parents, after the discovered that she was a Lesbian.  EVERY YEAR, about 640,000 GBLT Kids, as young as 12 years old, go onto the street, and 39% of those were thrown out of their homes after “Coming Out” or discovery of their homosexuality or bisexuality, because of conflicts with moral and religious values. The vast majority of those parents are Christians.   In America, Half (50%) of ALL boys who attempt or succeed in killing themselves, are Gay or Bisexual.  When you include girls, 30% of ALL CHILDREN who attempt or succeed in killing themselves, are Gay, Bisexual, Lesbian, or Transgendered.  This is an ATROCITY comitted against Sexual Minority children in the United States.

Gay Marriage is just one more step to get us closer to equal rights under the law, and hopefully, eventually, to general acceptance in society of Sexual Minorities.  The horrors of American torture of Sexual Minorities is still fresh in kurt memories and it happened in many of our lifetimes. We have just as much right to the legal protections and benefits, and social benefits of marriage as any other person.  Muslims and Christians both seem to believe that their religion gives them the right to be bigoted agains Sexual Minorities, to discriminate against them, deny them basic rights and justice, and in some countries to imprison, torture and murder/execute Sexual minorities, all in the name of their god and their righteousness.  Apparently such Christians never bothered to read the words of Christ (as witnessed by Matthew, Mark, Luke & John).

By-the-way, I am not against Christians or Muslims, as I believe that the majority of both (many millions of people) are not heavily or rabidly bigoted against Sexual Minorities, but that still leaves a lot of them who are.

IRAN:  Yes, what the Iranians are doing is horrifying and disgusting, and the Untied States and the UK governments chose not to say anything publicly about the execution of those boys, which is also horrifying and disgusting.  

Anyway, my point was to show you that the best place to start fighting against bigotry and injustice, is in our own heart, then in our own families, then you can work on what is going on in school or the workplace, in your community, your state, your country and internationally.

All the best,  Matthew

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curiousprintery Featured By Owner Nov 9, 2013
I don't see any logical reason to be against gay marriage. And just because there is one insane injustice doesn't mean you shouldn't get rid of the comparatively small injustice. This is basically like saying that childrens' rights shouldn't be improved if they are not perfect yet because in some African countries and, say, India children are off much worse than in western countries.
And gay marriage is not forced onto anyone. No one has to gay marry. XD
inspiredcreativity Featured By Owner Nov 6, 2013  Professional Digital Artist
The gay marriage issue can be looked at from both the religious and legal sides of the issue.  As you know, there are a number of Christian churches who believe that Gay Marriage is a religious 'right' and who perform Christian Gay Marriages.  In Washington State, where I live, we have Gay Marriage, but Religious organizations are exempt from performing Gay Marriages if they do not want to.  No church is forced to perform Gay marriages in any of the States where Gay marriage is legal.  Therefore, Gay Marriage is not forced on any church.

Next is the issue of the term "Marriage," and who has ownership of the word.  The word 'marriage' (r its equivalent), marriage ceremony, and the practice of marriage goes back into ancient times to before recorded history some 4,000 years BC, or over 6,000 years ago, far before Christianity existed, and could even be said to be a Pagan ritual or custom.

Gay Marriage in History: On 16 April 1061, three was a same-sex marriage between the two men, Pedro Daz and Muo Vandilaz in the Galician municipality of Rairiz de Veiga in Spain occurred on. They were married by a priest at a small chapel.  The historic documents about the church wedding were found at Monastery of San Salvador de Celanova.  Gay Marriage is recorded as far back as 1046 BC, in the Zhou Dynasty of ancient China.  The performance of same-sex marriages occurred and were recorded in the early Roman Empire.  Also, the Roman Emperor Nero married the man Pythagoras and later Sporus.  These are just a few examples to show that 'marriage' has not historically been defined as only being between a man and a woman.

Marriage is not just a religious thing.  In fact, the amount of people getting married in civil marriages (not in churches) has been steadily increasing for years and religious marriages decreasing (See - Civil marriage on rise across USA) with over 40% of all marriage being civil marriages.  In the UK the change is dramatic.  Religious marriages are likely to continue to decline until they are the minority of marriages.

Civil Marriage is a legal construct that gives protections and benefits to couples who choose to share their lives.  It also assists in the raising of children.  I and my husband were foster parents to two children and were due to get a baby, but alas the baby did not survive.  My husband and I had already been together for 23 years before Gay Marriage became legal here.  By getting married, we gained tax benefits and legal protections, as well as society's recognition of our relationship.

If you are against Gay Marriage, you certainly have every right to that view and opinion, but I wanted to show you the different sides of the issue in the hope that you may someday reconsider.

Regards,  Matthew

Da-Commander Featured By Owner Oct 25, 2013
Oh so you're Humanist? I'm Buddhist. I guess that puts us more-or-less on the same ground? I think there's lots of similarities between the two. 

And seeing that saddens me greatly. And scares me also in a way. When you see what is currently going on in the U.K, you begin to wonder if the same won't happen there as well in a near future.

Makes me also wonder... although I know perfectly well that intolerance only breeds more intolerance, if being tolerant of Muslims is a WISE thing to do in the end... considering they never seem to be greatful for the hospitality we're offering them. Sure, we can't judge them as a whole. There's good Muslims in there, I'm sure of it. Though, the majority of them still think homosexuality should be rendered illegal. More than 70% of them last time they checked in the U.K.

It's quite worrisome. Most Muslims won't be tossing stones at homosexuals, but if a movement takes place, they'll most-likely join it. Or, at least, not do anything about it. Which isn't any better.

I'm bounded by my principles not to judge anyone and show compassion. But I won't be lying... it's becoming harder and harder for me to bear such things considering I'm homosexual myself.
inspiredcreativity Featured By Owner Oct 25, 2013  Professional Digital Artist
One of my brothers is a Buddhist monk.  I do believe that there is a lot of common ground between Humanists and Buddhists.  We are both compassion-based, we both choose to be good people out of our own desire, unlike Christianity & islam (and to some extent Hinduism) who do it because of fear of Hell and for the reward of Heaven.  However, I think that it is very much worth mentioning that the way most Buddhists in the world practice Buddhism is far different from pure Buddhism.  This is also true of every religion.  For example, the practice of Christianity in the world is far from the actual teachings of Jesus Christ.  The modern practice of Islam is badly distorted by the Hadith.

A good way to look at it is that Spirituality is all about your own beliefs and value system, while Religions are all about people, like exclusive clubs with tons of rules, traditions and ritual.

I understand your concerns.  I grew up in a time when you feared for your life as a Sexual Minority. Being outed meant an end to your career, loss of professional licenses, and loss family and freinds.  When I was going to sea, if anyone had discovered I was Gay, I would have been tossed over the side of the ship to die.  Homosexuality was a crime in America, until recent times.  20 years ago, over 85% of Americans were against homosexuals, and Sexual Minorities were imprisoned and tortured [  The Torture Of Homosexuals - 1950s to 1980s ]. Homophobia was intense then that I even hated myself for being Gay and tried to kill myself.

However, those in our Sexual Minority community have sacrificed much and we have worked hard and courageously in our fight for equality in America, Canada and Western Europe. If you and your generation keep up the fight,  I do not see that ever going backwards.  The UK has a larger Muslim community compared to Canada and the USA.  We need to keep working to get tolerance and acceptance from Muslims.  This is our future challenges, along with most of the Christians in the world.

While many Christians are becoming more accepting of homosexuality in North America and Western Europe, even larger numbers of Christians in Russia, Eastern Europe, South America and Africa are still rabidly homophobic.  Therefore, it is safe to say that there are far more homophobic Christians than accepting Christians in the world today.  Homosexuality is still a CRIME in many Christian areas of the world. 

When you look at the history of Homophobia and atrocities committed against Sexual Minorities, in the history of the human race, the vast, vast majority of it has been at the hands of Christianity and Islam.  Homosexuality was pretty much accepted in ancient times and was actually held in higher esteem in many aboriginal cultures found in the Americas, the Pacific Islands, Australia, China, etc. 

Islam is practiced in sharply different ways, depending on where they are in the world. Arabic Muslims practice a form of Islam that follow the Hadith and Sharia Law, which are inhuman and barbaric, like stoning people to death, chopping off hands, arms etc, and on and on.

A big challenge for me, and I hope for you, is to keep hate out of my heart, to not unfairly judge, and to not be bigoted towards Muslims and Christians as a whole, because you are right, not all of them are homophobic.  It can be incredibly hard not to hate and resent those who are persecuting you, but if we give into it, are we much better than they are?  If we lump everyone together and judge them, because of their religion, race, economic status, beliefs, politics, sexual orientation, culture, etc, then this would be bigoted.

Much of bigotry is based in ignorance, objectification and in how you were raised. As an example, many Christians hear the word homosexual, Fag, Queer, etc, they immediately think in terms of perverts, immorality, child molesters, sexual deviants, hell, scum of the earth, etc, because they were raised to think that way.  These people to not see me as an individual human being, they only see me as a LABEL, and Object—Gay man.  This is called objectification.  for example, many straight men see women only as sexual objects, as objects with the purpose of supply sexual titillation and providers of sexual pleasure, not as the unique humans beings they are.

When my ex-husband and I moved into a very conservative neighborhood, a neighbor warned us that meeting had been held to discuss how to get rid of us and how to protect their children from us.  We responded to this by knocking on doors and inviting people to dinner.  Most people are too polite to slam the door and surprising, most said yes. I helped neighbors with electrical, plumbing, carpentry and landscaping (which I had licenses for). We managed to show people that we were not the demons they thought we were, we turned out to be 'normal' people.  We did have the people across the street shouting "Fucking faggots" at us, but I would just shout back something like "Every chance we get," or "And Proud of it."  They sold their house and moved.  In about 6 months, we were completely accepted.  A mother overheard her young son refer to us as "Fags," so she made him come over to our house and apologize. I was really touched by this.  We had a short chat with the boy and then ended up helping him and his freinds build a tree-house.

This is how we build acceptance, by living out in the open and connecting with straight people, and not hiding in a Gay Ghetto.  We need to show people that our love is just as real as theirs is and that we are good people, and educate people on what Sexual minorities are really about.  When I came out to my own mother said she would rather me be dead than one of those 'Disgusting Perverts.'  She was raised a strict Catholic in the 1930s and she saw homosexuals as the epitome of evil. It took about a year for her to completely accept and support my homosexuality, but once she did, I was able to talk to her about everything, even discussing gay sex and my own sex-life.  She said that the final turning-point for her was when my first partner left me for another guy (while I was away at sea), and she saw how devastated I was. This is when she finally saw that my love for him was just as real and as intense as her love for her husband.

I believe that there is always hope to turn hate to love.  It is my hope that eventually most Christians and Muslims will become accepting of Sexual Minorities.

We cannot predict the future, but we can make a commitment to keep doing our best to help our Sexual Minority community work towards a world of tolerance and acceptance of Sexual Minorities.  It has been my own personal fear that Gay people of your generation and beyond will become complacent around Gay rights in the world, and not keep working hard for out brothers and sitters around the world who live in fear and in terrible circumstances, just because of their Sexual/Gender Orientation.  But the very fact that you wrote this comment to me, shows me that you are a thinker and doer and very likely to keep carrying the torch.

All the best,  Matthew

femdomboy Featured By Owner Aug 17, 2013
guys.. on the other hand how can you be so sure about that!!! I have two male friends from Iran ad they are both gay.. they are still alive and they access gay porn and online gay society websites from their houses DSL without fear from a long time a go ACTUALLY THEY NEVER MENTION ANY CAUTION OR FEAR OR ANYTHING ABOUT BEING HANGED BY THE NECK??..
inspiredcreativity Featured By Owner Aug 18, 2013  Professional Digital Artist
I have contacts in Iran as well.  Where you live in Iran can make a big difference.  Decisions around punishment are determined by the local religious leaders and officials. The danger is very real. The laws in Iran, both secular and religious, are very real, and Sexual Minorities are being prosecuted on a widespread basis in Iran.  If your freinds are not afraid, they should be, to keep them Cautious.

Iranian authorities have also been intimidating and sometimes forcing Gay men to have Transgender surgery to become women, to "Correct their sexual deviancy." Iran therefore has the highest rate of Transgender surgery on the planet, only it is not, in reality, voluntary. This is reported internationally and by Amnesty International.

femdomboy Featured By Owner Aug 17, 2013
hey in Syria if you say you are gay or bisexual you don't get punished by the system.. but you get left alone because the society hates those stuff here.. my self I am bisexual :) the same goes for Lebanon and turkey I can tell.. by by
inspiredcreativity Featured By Owner Aug 18, 2013  Professional Digital Artist
I do not want to people should live in constant fear.  I am saying it is best to be very discreet and careful, especially when you are in public.  My freinds in Turkey and Egypt say it is best to be very discreet about your homosexuality or bisexuality and it is best to be secretive about it, except with your closest freinds and family you trust.  Sexual Minorities can be targeted by homophobic people, especially homophobic youth. 

I have two freinds in Turkey who say it is very dangerous for two Gay men to live together, as a Gay couple, especially if you do not live in a large city.

I grew up in the United States at a time when it was very dangerous to be Gay.  Even when things started to get better, you had to watch for being beaten or killed by homophobic people.  Homosexuality was also illegal until recent times, and Gay men were being sent to prison.  There were regular reports in the news of Gay men or Lesbians being murdered because of their homosexuality.  There are still dangerous places in the United States for Gay people to live.

I feel fortunate to now live in Washington State (USA), where we now have Gay Marriage and the legal rights of everyone else, including adopting children.

SpazTomato Featured By Owner Aug 16, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
There is nothing wrong with being gay!
inspiredcreativity Featured By Owner Aug 16, 2013  Professional Digital Artist
Of course not.  Unfortunately, the vast majority of Christians and Muslims in the world don't agree.  Institutionalized homophobia did not exist until Christianity.  Islam flowed behind.  Before then, in the vast Persian Empire, Greek Empire and Roman Empire, same-sex sex was considered simply part of human sexuality in general.  Entire armies (such as the 'Sacred Band of Thebes') were constructed of homosexual couples.  Aboriginal races around the world, from the Americas, Pacific Islands, Australia and Asia, homosexuals held positions of trust, such as Shamans, Medicine Men & Women, tribe negotiators, healers and teachers. 

Sadly for Sexual Minorities, The Letters of Paul, found in the new Testament, and written in Coptic Greek, were badly mistranslated (probably on purpose to fit an anti-Pagan agenda).  Paul never wrote against homosexuality.  It is a big lie.  They took two Coptic Greek words , put them together and claimed it meant homosexual sex, but it does not.  There is no word in Ancient Greek for either homosexual or homosexual sex.

There for, you end up with a Christianity sanctioning and even performing some two thousand years of systematic torture, murder, imprisonment and discrimination against Sexual Minority people , around the world.

The words of Christ are not to blame, but the hateful nature of Human Beings who called themselves Christians, who did atrocities in the name of God and Christ, they are to blame, and still are to blame, if they continue to support bigotry.

Thankfully, there are a number of Christian churches who now recognize the mistranslations of Paul, and who support that homosexual sex, within the confines of a marriage or committed relationship, is NOT a sin.
Waracki99 Featured By Owner Aug 12, 2013
Islam is fascist ideology! And have no place in civilazion! humaity  needs to stop islam, before islam stop the humanity.
inspiredcreativity Featured By Owner Aug 13, 2013  Professional Digital Artist
Hi,  There are about 1.5 Billion Muslims in the world and around 2.1 billion Christians. However, the Muslim population is growing at a much faster rate than Christianity (1.8% per year vs 1.12%).

The Islam practiced by Arabic Muslims (such as in Iran) is far different from the vast majority of other Muslims in the world.  They follow something called the 'Hadith'. This is very the vile stuff comes from in their practices. Most Muslims are not like that, although most are homophobic, just as most Christians are homophobic. 

This is like how Christ preaches peace, but most Christians make constant war, torture, murder, commit genocide and all other atrocities against mankind and the planet. Mohammed himself had a message of peace, but then Muslims twisted and distorted this into a complete disregard for human life and peace.  Even Buddhism is distorted by mankind.  This is really about the greedy, selfish, controlling and power hungry core of HUMAN NATURE itself.

Christians regularly tortured homosexuals and then murdered them.  The torture of Homosexuals was continuing in the United States up into the 1980s (electrical shock to the penis and testicles, brain surgery to turn homosexuals into vegetables, and was even done to children…).  Christianity started Homophobia, then Islam followed.  Before Christianity, homosexuality was widely accepted in the world's indigenous peoples, as well as in the massive Persian Empire, Greek empire, and Roman Empire.  Even the early Christian church was not against homosexuality. 
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Good, but i'm atheist.
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I am too.  I am a Humanist. We believe in being good people out of our own desire, without a belief in Gods, without the threat of a Hell and without the promise of a heaven.

I was raised a Catholic, and it damaged me badly. I have studied Native American traditions, Christianity (a lot), Islam and Buddhism, in order to help young people reconcile their homosexual nature with their faith.
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Well... i am  anarchist what believe in order and law ( i'know how stupid this sounds...)
And i too studied many religions and ideoligies and i must admid, there is no true one or right one.  I believe human can believe in god, and still be non-religious man, or love our country and don't be a fascist... And after study some ideooligies and religions i see there is none what i I consider properly and i see many difference beetwen them, for example buddhism - faith in peace and equality of rights, and now islam - proselytize by murders and violence.  
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