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Old Testament + Homosexuality by inspiredcreativity Old Testament + Homosexuality by inspiredcreativity

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This is a PDF Document. Click on [link] (DOWNLOAD) to Read it or Download it.

Please also see my deviation on [link] (The New Testament + Homosexuality).

You are free to download it for Personal or School use.

God Does NOT Condemn You For Your Homosexuality, Or For The Sexual Fulfillment Of Your Homosexual Love—God Welcomes You.

I have added a HOT-LINKED Table of Contents and much more Information and References. I have also included a HOT-LINKED Index of the Biblical References used throughout the document.

This is an in-depth look at how Jesus and the early Christian Church accepted Same-Sex Loving Relationships and Same-Sex Sex within the context of a committed relationship.

The Old Testament is a Christian version of events, which is different from the TORA of the Jewish Faith. Of the main branches of the Jewish Faith, only one is against Homosexuality, with Reform Judaism, Reconstructionist Judaism, and Conservative Judaism all being fine with Homosexuality.

I hope that his helps some of you reconcile your Christian Faith with your Homosexuality or Bisexuality. For others it will act as a handy guide to COUNTER Homophobic Christians who use Scriptures as a weapon against us.

Churches that specifically teach that Homosexual Sex in a Monogynous Homosexual relationship is NOT A SIN:

[link] (METROPOLITAN COMMUNITY CHURCHES [MCC]) are GAY CHURCHES and they are located all over the world. [link] (Find One Near You.)

There are a small number of LUTHERAN CHURCHES that see homosexual sex in committed relationships as a non-sin, but most see it as sin.

LUTHERAN CHURCHES that see homosexual sex in committed relationships as a non-sin, but most see it as sin.

WARNING: There are many so called "Gay Friendly" Christian and Catholic Churches around who invite you in, then preach to you that you live in Sin.

In this paper, I often present multiple approaches and argument for passage in question. For example, translators have use the word Homosexual when no such word even existed when the scriptures were written. Translators of many modern printings have inserted words that are designed to inflame hatred.

Despite new correct translations, Bible publishers are under strong economic pressures to turn a profit. If a translation of lets say Leviticus 18:22 were included that did not generally condemn at least male homosexual behavior, their sales would drop precipitously. They are unlikely to deviate from traditional interpretations, unless they were preparing a translation specifically for Christian and Jewish liberals.

WORDS CAN KILL GBLT KIDS. There are Christians whose words drive GBLT CHILDREN TO THEIR DEATHS IN VERY LARGE NUMBERS. It may seem that the Christian Fundamentalists are harmless, but the poison and lies they spread do great, great harm. Since many of these Fundamentalist Christians believe that their Bigotry and Discrimination is Justified by the Bible, they could care less if they drive children to suicide. After all they are doing "God's Work."

It is my hope that these two papers on the Bible and Homosexuality, will help to educate kids about the truth and save lives.

PLEASE NOTE: I wrote this paper to help people, not to attract Christian BIGOTS, generate religious arguments, debate or hate attacks. This is not the proper Forum for that. If you do not agree with this paper that is your right, as it is your right to state that. However, I will not engage in counter arguments because the only thing homosexuals ever hear are the constant litany of lies of Conservative Fundamentalist Christians. No more such is needed here. Any attacking or Hate-based comments will be hidden.

I am a Humanist centered in COMPASSION. I actively choose to be a good person out of my own DESIRE, not from the threat of a Hell, the promise of a Heaven, nor belief in Gods. I am a Spiritual man in my own way. I have studied Christian Theology over the years, as well as comparative theology.

Matthew Barry ©2009, 2010, 2011, 2012
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inspiredcreativity Featured By Owner Sep 1, 2015  Professional Digital Artist
Hi, you must be Canadian, lol.  I was raised Catholic, but just after I turned 13, our priest told us Altar Boys, "Boys who are attracted to other boys are Abominations in the eyes of God and doomed to burn for all eternity in the everlasting fires of Gahanna," and that shattered my faith.  Day later I tried to kill myself.  I am sure the priest, had he known, would have felt righteous and justified.

Interestingly, the Catholic Catechism now agrees that people are born Homosexual (since the science is so solid), which you would think proves it must be part of God's plan (if one believes in Gods).  But no, the Church still claims that homosexual sex is a sin, and God only made you homosexual as a test of your faith, to see if you would stay celibate all your life.  Good Grief…

You might also find this of interest:  SODOM DESTROYED ON 6-29-3129BC
Sodom and Gomorra were two ancient Early-Bronze-Age cities in a fertile region of the Middle East, near the Dead Sea.  The time is shortly before dawn on 6-29-3129 BCE, and 600 miles (966 Km) from Sodom & Gomorrah, there are two Samarian Astronomers observing the skies.  They observed a fiery body traveling across the night sky.  They inscribed its path and it relative course and position against the stars on a clay disk, called a Planisphere.  Dr. Hempsall and Alan Bond deciphered the clay disk and used computers to recreate the night sky thousands of years ago. They pinpointed the sighting of the ancient astronomers to shortly before dawn on June 29 in the year 3123 B.C.
The asteroid, which was about 1.25 Km (0.78 Miles) in diameter, exploded above the ground with a force of a 10,000 megaton nuclear weapon (100 times more powerful than any nuclear weapon on earth). 

If you have any freinds who are Christian and in need of help reconciling their Christianity with their Homosexuality, they might find this of some help: New Testament + Homosexuality by inspiredcreativity New Testament & Homosexuality
codyrush Featured By Owner Jun 6, 2015  Student Filmographer
 That's not homosexuality. That's Abraham sacrificing his son, Isaac.
inspiredcreativity Featured By Owner Jun 7, 2015  Professional Digital Artist
The image in question, as well as the images within the PDF file for The Old Testament and Homosexuality are all images related to the Old Testament.

If you want to know the truth about The New Testament & Homosexuality and The Old Testament & Homosexuality, you can read them here: New Testament + Homosexuality by inspiredcreativity   and Old Testament + Homosexuality by inspiredcreativity
xxAnimexChocolatexx Featured By Owner Mar 30, 2015
You know, oddly enough with many extremists using the Bible (especially the Livitus and Sodom one) as an excuse for justification of discrimination against gay, they never verify why homosexual should be burn in hell PERSONALLY aside from using this bullcrap, "Because God create man and a woman blah blah blah." They were stupid enough to not know they were created to produce as people with the same-sex relation cannot reproduce. Also, didn't people back in old times used the Bible as an excuse to enslave the black people by using this "black ham" lies about Noah's son. If people realize that this is wrong to excuse for black slavery, then they should know the flaw they have of using the Livitus and Sodom stories against homosexual.

About God being cruel and evil, i wouldn't argue about that. In my opinion, calling God being merciful and loving completely is really contradicting. In the Bible, God did admit of being the God of evil and darkness (Isaiah 45:7,
2 Kings 6:33). Being the monotheistic He is, it makes sense because God create everything. However, it's saddening that the Christians, Muslims, and arguably others who don't read much into the passage about God kinda ignored that part and preach that God is the god of "everything good" in their holy prayer which really He also create the bad side. No wonder people questioned, "Oh, if God is really compassionate and merciful, why does he allow evil existed?" Additionally, while the Christians and Muslims view God to be loving and good, the Jewish viewed God to be cruel and unforgiving which may explained the contradictions on how God was like between the Old Testament and the New Testament.

While my religion class was reading the Sodom story, i thought i'm expecting some homophobic tone in the passage with the controversy it has been given due to it. When i finished reading it, i was confused because it didn't mention about homosexuality nor the men attempting to rape the angels. So i look into your passage and it clear my confusion, i'm grateful about it. To add some info to it, weren't the angel's gender never revealed in the Bible? Most modern media depicted angels to be feminine and womanlike, but forget that the angel's gender never reveal. The old times depicted the angels to be masculine and warlike which doesn't help. Angels in the Bible were called "He", but obviously in terms of being dominant just like how God was often called "He". Thus, the truth on whether the men want to rape, have sex (consensual), or physically attack the angels make the interpretation more questionable, the same way whether the men are gay or not.
inspiredcreativity Featured By Owner Mar 31, 2015  Professional Digital Artist
Now that you have read the story of Sodom & Gomorrah, I think you will find this faction:  SODOM DESTROYED ON 6-29-3129BC
Sodom and Gomorra were two ancient Early-Bronze-Age cities in a fertile region of the Middle East, near the Dead Sea.  The time is shortly before dawn on 6-29-3129 BCE, and 600 miles (966 Km) from Sodom & Gomorrah, there are two Samarian Astronomers observing the skies.  They observed a fiery body traveling across the night sky.  They inscribed its path and it relative course and position against the stars on a clay disk, called a Planisphere.  Dr. Hempsall and Alan Bond deciphered the clay disk and used computers to recreate the night sky thousands of years ago. They pinpointed the sighting of the ancient astronomers to shortly before dawn on June 29 in the year 3123 B.C.
The asteroid, which was about 1.25 Km (0.78 Miles) in diameter, exploded above the ground with a force of a 10,000 megaton nuclear weapon (100 times more powerful than any nuclear weapon on earth). 

The original Christian religion, after the death of Jesus, became very fractured in who believed what.  The gnostics, of the eastern church, wherever inclusive of women and in fact had women priests.  They were very spiritual and did not have a hierarchal power structure like the western church had.  There also believed Jesus to be the son of god, but not dene.  The western church came up with the Holy trinity, claimed that jesus was divine. When Constantine battle control of the Roman Empire, it was very fractured with multiple pagan Gods and temples.  Constantine decided to unite the fractured and failing empire under one religion, as a uniting factor.  He chose Christianity.  the story of his conversion was a lie.  He refused both conversion and baptism until his death, when it was done to him as he died.

But Emperor Constantine had a problem, the Christian church was fractured in two at this point, the Western and Eastern churches.  Constantine order bishops from all over the roman empire to convene in Nicea, which became known as the "First Council of Nicea."  But the Eastern lands were very far away and the eastern church not much represented.  Constantine wanted the Western church to prevail because it was Patriarchal (run by men, power in the hands of men), it had a hierarchal power structure similar to Roman power structure, making the church easier for the Romans to control, and Western Christianity supported slavery, a key to Roman prosperity.  The result of the First Counsel of Nicea was that the Gnostics were told to convert to Western beliefs or die.  The who did not convert were hunted and killed, all of their teachings burned and banned.  It was genocide.

The church had only one place for women, as servants, to become "Brides of Christ" and not allowed an power of their own. The roman Emperors had a lot of influence on the early Chirstian church, which man deny now, but it is part of the historical record.

Nothing in the New Testament speaks against Slavery, and a number of passages support slavery, which was very much a part of life in Judea, Galilee, and in the rest of the Roman Empire during New Testament times, and up to the 19th century. While in prison, Paul met a runaway slave, Onesimus, the property of a Christian, presumably Pheliemon, and ordered him back to his owner (see Paul: Letter to Philemon).

In the King James Bible, the word for SLAVE was replaced by Servant or Maid, a very deliberate deception. In the New Testament, you can find Paul’s infamous instruction that slaves to obey their owners in the same way that they obey Christ (Ephesians 6:5-9). In Matthew 18:25, people in debt, and their children, should be sold to make payment. In Mark 14:66, Priests owned slaves. Colossians 4:1 and 1 Timothy 6:1-3 give instructions to slaves and slave owners in proper behavior. There are more passages...

THE LITTLE ICE AGE: Western Europe experienced a general cooling of the climate between the years 1150 and 1460 and a very cold climate between 1560 and 1850 that brought dire consequences to its peoples. The colder weather impacted agriculture, health, economics, social strife, emigration, and even art and literature. This even helped to set up perfect conditions for the Bubonic Plague to strike and decimate the population.  Increased glaciation and storms also had a devastating affect on those that lived near glaciers and the sea.

Attendance at churches was down, which meant collections of money was down. The Catholic Church, starting in the 11th Century, responded by creating common evil enemies that people would fear, thus bringing them back into the fold. Going after Homosexuals and Pagans was a first step. But conditions got worse. Starvation, hunger, disease, lawlessness and violence increased.

Also in the 11th century, Pope Innocent III (1160-1216) proclaimed he had a vision from God that the Cathari were heretic and declared Holy War against them, killing (including burning at the stake), approximately 40,000 children, women and men, all in the name of God. It was a time to find others to blame for the problems of the day, and to help the Church consolidate power.

In 1484, Pope Innocent VIII blamed the Little Ice Age on witches, leading to centuries of innocent women and men being burned at the stake, for nothing.  He had inquisitors Heinrich Kramer and Jacobus Sprenger systemize the persecution of witches. He said they could raise hailstorms, lightning, violent storms, wretched cold…  He did it because people were giving less money to the church and fewer people were going to church.

The Christianization of Pagan Holidays

Emperor Constantine went further by incorporated the Pagan holidays and festivals into the Christian church ritual—attracting the Pagans, but he gave the holidays and festivals new "Christian" names and identities—thus appeasing the Christians. Christmas, Easter and Sunday services (which were normally celebrated on the Sabbath, Saturday) were all actually Pagan holidays and celebrations.

Early Christian believers kept Saturday as the Sabbath until March 7, 321 CE when Emperor Constantine passed a law requiring believers to worship on Sunday, the day the pagans worshipped the sun-god. Believers still kept Saturday as the Sabbath until another law was passed eleven years later. This law signed into decree by Emperor Constantine forbid believers to worship on the Sabbath (Saturday) and it was punishable by death by the Catholic Church. Many believers were burned to death by the Catholic Church for keeping the Sabbath.

Jesus was not even born in the winter, let alone December 25th (winter solstice), which was a major Pagan holiday shared between many Pagan faiths, with roots from the Persians, Babylon, Arabia and Egypt. Every sun-god was born on December 25th. Amun-Ra, Horus, Mithra, Tammuz, and Zeus were born on December 25th. Yule is the Babylonian name for Infant, in the Pagan festival commemorating the figurative birthday of the sun and the renewal of its course. The Yule occult colors are Red & Green.

The Christmas tree is Nimrod revived—the slain god come to life again. The Christmas tree was equally common in Pagan Rome and Pagan Egypt. The mistletoe branch symbolized "the man, the branch" and was regarded as a divine branch, a Babylonian representation of the true Messiah. Both mistletoe and holly were considered fertility plants by the pagans. Candles which are lit on Christmas Eve and used throughout the festival season, were equally lighted by the Pagans on the eve of the festival of the Babylonian god, to do honor to him.

Easter, the Easter Bunny and eggs are all rooted in Pagan rituals/celebrations/holidays. One mythological legend says that sometime after Semiramis died, a huge egg dropped from heaven. Out of the egg came a re-incarnated Semiramis, now a goddess. The Babylonian Talmud refers to her as Ishtar, or Easter. The forty days of Lent symbolize one day for each year of Tammuz' life. This period of time is celebrated in the "Christian" church by giving up something to mourn the death of Tammuz, the son of the pagan goddess Semiramis! The (Easter) bunny is the oldest pagan symbol of fertility—Semiramis. The date of Easter is also celebrated by the Druids. In ancient times, eggs were used in the religious rites of the Egyptians and the Greeks, and were hung up for mystic purposes in their temples… The classic poets are full of the fable of the mystic egg of the Babylonians.

Even now, as you see Christianity practiced in Africa, south America, Australia, and other areas, you will see the roots of their Pagan cultures embedded in their Christian traditions.
Lorado69 Featured By Owner Jan 19, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
Nature says two men can't make babies (the primary end of intercourse)...
inspiredcreativity Featured By Owner Jan 21, 2015  Professional Digital Artist
Actually, two men can make a baby. There is now a way to convert a sperm to an egg, then you use the sperm from the other man and use a surrogate for the birth.  God dd not but humans on the planet for the sole purpose of making babies.  That would make heterosexuals nothing but breeders, like cows and bulls.  There are a lot of heterosexual people on this planet who are not breeding children.  The catholic church says that if you ever have sex without the intent to produce a baby, you are in sin.  Look at the Philippines to see the results of that view and no birth control.  They can no longer feed themselves.  They need more gay people to slow down population over-breeding. The earth has only so much in the way of resources.  In my trips to New Zealand, I did not meet any narrow-minded minded people, but then I was pretty much centered in Auckland.  I found people there to be very friendly and hospitable. 
Lorado69 Featured By Owner Jan 21, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
The Catholic Church does not state that "if you ever have sex without the intent to produce a baby, you are in sin." That would mean no sex during pregnancy or after menopause. That statement is completely nonsensical. 

New Zealanders are actually very narrow-minded. The majority believe everything the media tells them. They know little outside of that. The Euthanasia debate is a good example. But they are friendly for sure - especially in most parts of Auckland.

Two men, naturally, can not make babies. Sure, science may find a strange way, but the same goes for cloning - it is not what nature intended at all. 

Cefio Featured By Owner Feb 1, 2015
You're an idiot. Strawberries clone themselves. Science has nothing
inspiredcreativity Featured By Owner Jan 23, 2015  Professional Digital Artist
I was going to be a priest, so I studied this a great deal.  I stated the official stance, although obviously no one follows it.  Did you know the Catholic Catechism states that people are born homosexuals? It goes on to say that even though they are born that way, they must remain celibate, but they could no longer refute the science, which is overwhelming.  They have a problem getting around the idea that if God does not make mistakes then why did God put homosexuality into the human genome in such a way that it survives against evolutionary pressure.  Obviously is part of God's intent.  The church trued to get around this by saying that this is the burden god has given homosexuals, as a test of their faith, although God does not give anyone else this sort of test of faith.

Two men make babies to have a family just like anyone else.  However, most adopt either babies or older children.  I was a foster Father and I can adopt babies and children, where so many heterosexual people will not, leaving large numbers of children in orphanages and foster homes and group homes.  Children over age are considered non-adoptable because people simply do not want older children.  There is a black market in babies, because straight people generally only want babies.  It is a good thing the Sexual Minority Community is stepping up to do what heterosexual people will not.
RariTwirules15 Featured By Owner Jun 21, 2015  Hobbyist Artist
I may not know a lot about religion, but I think God created heterosexuality and other sexualities that allow you to be attracted to the opposite sex for repopulation.

I think he created homosexuality and other sexualities that allow you to be attracted to the opposite sex for population control.
inspiredcreativity Featured By Owner Jun 21, 2015  Professional Digital Artist
Whatever the reasons might be, homosexuality is buried deep in the genome of not only humanity, but also in the animal kingdom, so it must be part of the design for a reason.  For example, homosexuality is tied to the set of genes controlling family fecundity.  Fecundity means to be capable of producing an abundance of offspring.  In other words, families with genes to produce many children that survive, also carry the genes for homosexuality. This helps perpetuate homosexuality, despite the fact that most homosexuals do not produce offspring.  A propensity to produce homosexual boys is passed down on the X -chromosome, the female side only, from mother to daughter.
Lorado69 Featured By Owner Jan 23, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
Not according to traditional catechisms such as the Catechism of the Council of Trent. Modern catechisms (those written post Vatican II) are full of things the Church never taught as well as a tonne of ambiguous language which naturally leads to multiple interpretations. These modern catechisms are to be avoided if people are after the authentic teachings of the Church.
inspiredcreativity Featured By Owner Jan 25, 2015  Professional Digital Artist
As said by a typical radical fundamentalist out of touch with reality. When you talk about the authentic teachings of the Catholic church, I suggest you refer to the words of Jesus Christ, as witness by Matthew, Mark, Luke and John, not the thousands of pages of church dogma, which are the words of mankind daring to speak for God. In fact, every atrocity imaginable by mankind has been committed by the catholic church, all in the name of God, all done by fallible men and women.

If you really want to dig into church history, take a look at the large influence on church teachings and the  assembly of the bible by the roman emperors, starting with Constantine and the fist Council of Nicea, as well as the huge disagreement even about the holy trinity and if Jesus, as the son of god, was actually divine.  the we can go into the genocide committed by the Catholic church or the mass corruption of the Popes, especially around purchasing indulgences , church positions, annulments even after consummating a marriage, and on and on.

Pope Innocent III (1160-1216) proclaimed he had a vision from God that the Cathari were heretic and declared Holy War against them, killing (including burning at the stake), approximately 40,000 children, women and men, all in the name of God. It was a time to find others to blame for the problems of the day, and to help the Church consolidate power.  In 1484, Pope Innocent VIII blamed the Little Ice Age on witches, leading to centuries of innocent women and men being burned at the stake, for nothing.  He had inquisitors Heinrich Kramer and Jacobus Sprenger systemize the persecution of witches. He said they could raise hailstorms, lightning, violent storms, wretched cold…

The so called original teachings of the Catholic church were based in IGNORANCE and written by by the ignorant over a very long period of time, necessitation the Vatican Council II to try to clean up the mess.

Lorado69 Featured By Owner Jan 26, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
Every atrocity imaginable has been done by all mankind. All. Judging the Church by some corrupt individuals is silly. It is those people who should be judged. It's like saying the whole Church is bad because of the atrocities committed on little boys by homosexuals who have infiltrated the priesthood (if you can even call those animals "priests"). 

Want to talk about atrocities? How about the American war-mongering presidents of late? Obama, Bush, etc. Obama bombs civilians with drones. The US committed the biggest terrorist act in all of history: Hiroshima: the killing of over 150,000 innocent civilians in the most horrible manner. How about the abortion industry murdering millions of defenseless babies every year? How about the Muslim wars in the Middle East that have been going on since forever and that are being brought to Europe? How about the pornography industry and its impact on society? All mankind is to blame for evil. Not just individuals claiming to do things in the name of the Church. History is full of evil people like that.

The original and true teaching of the Church will always be hated by the world and the world's followers - Christ said that often enough. It is no surprise that there is so much hatred toward Her. But God will triumph over ignorance and ill-informed hatred. As they say, "haters gonna hate". Do not judge the Church on the acts of some evil men - otherwise every institution in the entire world must be judged so - including the homosexual lobby.

"If the world hates you, remember that it hated Me first". And you think Christ's plan was to be buddy-buddy with the world?? Are you serious? Think again. The Church is at war with the powers of darkness. Liberals and modernists are fighting too. I'll let you guess which side they're on. (Hint: it sure as heck isn't Our Lord's side!)
inspiredcreativity Featured By Owner Jan 27, 2015  Professional Digital Artist
Do you not realize that priests molest more girls than boys? In fact, by percentage of population, and by actual count, more girls are molested by heterosexual men than boys are molested by homosexual men.  This means that the rate of pedophilia is higher in heterosexual men than in homosexual men. The rape of girls by priests was also covered up, worldwide, by the Catholic church and was once a big scandal in its own.  The priesthood attracts PEDOPHILES, both homosexual and heterosexual. 

Next, the atrocities I speak of were ordered by Popes, bishops and other church officials, the very people who wrote the theology of the catholic church, its catechism, it rules and enforcement, all in the name of church and in the name of God.  If the people who wrote the theology are curt, the theology is likely corrupt.  Paul and Peter fought of theology and Peter, the supposed rock of the church, lost.

The original and true teachings of Jesus have been well received in history, other than the brief period after the death of Jesus, with persecution by the Romans. Even Mohamed embraced most of the teachings of Jesus and speaks of him and his teachings in the Qur'an. I do not blame the teachings of Jesus for all of the evil that has happened in his name, but I do blame those who then distorted the teachings of Jesus, including Paul and the Catholic church, as being directly responsible for much of the evil done in the lost 2000 years.  When it comes to the evil acts perpetrated since the birth of Jesus, the vast majority of it falls to the hands of Christian and Muslims, when compared to the other religions of the world. 

I fully agree the humanity itself is more evil and corrupt and good. 

When you and others speak "war with the powers of darkness" and Christian warriors, you go against the very teachings of Jesus.  You incite violence and justification for violence and discriminate and the harming of others, in the name of God.  The very word 'WAR' is about conflict, violence, hostility, combat, fighting.  In fact, as a Christian, your first duty is to your own soul, before you start pointing the finger at the wrongdoing of others, as you should know if you have carefully read the words of Jesus. 

To understand want to know what Christianity is truly about, I highly suggest you read the Two Great Commandments (Matthew 22), The Sermon on the Mount (Matthew 5), and
 Sermon on the Plain (Luke 6).  In fact, when you actually read Matthew, Mark, Luke and John, you will that many of the teachings of the Catholic church do not stem from the words of Jesus, and at times are in conflict with the message of Jesus.

MATTHEW 22 [The New American Bible]

36 "Teacher, 21 which commandment in the law is the greatest?"

37 He said to him, 22 "You shall love the Lord, your God, with all your heart, with all your soul, and with all your mind.

38 This is the greatest and the first commandment.

39 The second is like it: 23 You shall love your neighbor as yourself.

40 24 The whole law and the prophets depend on these two commandments."

Technically, you need no other rules in your religion than these two Great Commandments. Christ says that ALL of the law of the Old Testament and New Testament DEPEND on those TWO GREAT COMMANDMENTS. Obviously, if you love God and you Love your neighbor, you will not rape, covet, steal, lie, discriminate against them for being Gay, or any other of it.  But this is not good enough for people.  People demand to know EXACTLY what to do and what not to do to get in the pearly gates of Heaven.  People do not NEED tons of rules, but people WANT tons of rules to guide them. However, there is a huge problem with focusing on the detailed rules of what to do and what not to do.

You can follow every rule of the Catholic church, avoid all sin, give to charity and sill be denied heaven, unless you love your fellow mankind and God.

You speak a language of hate and intolerance, as does the Catholic church and some other Christian Churches.  You calling to not hate the sinner, yet your actions and words are those of hate, and your actions and words felt in the death, torture, violence and discrimination against an entire class of people.

Half of all boys who kill themselves or attempt to kill them are homosexual or bisexual, and they are driven to suicide by people like you, by your intolerance, discrimination and hate.  Yes, words can kill and your words can kill, but you wildest wash your hands of the blood, like 
Pontius Pilate, refusing to take responsibility.  You will have to answer for it.

Also, while you read Matthew, Mark, Luke and John, very carefully, note that Jesus does not once hint at or talk of homosexual sex or same-sex sex as being a bad thing, in any way, anywhere in his words.  this is significant since he was born and raised in Judea, part of the Roman Empire, living in an urban city heavily populated by Roman citizens and Roman Garrisons , who openly practiced homosexual sex as part of their normal sexual practices. It was also practiced by the Hebrews as well, of course, albeit less openly. In his 34 to 35 years of life he had to have know about because it was all over the walls of the cities in graffiti (very popular then) and something practiced all around him, YET, Jesus chose to never mention it once, while other things he mentioned multiple times.  You can argue that just because he does not mention something is wrong does not mean it is right, but in this case, when something is blatantly in his face, if it was an issue, he would have said something.  He does talk about adultery, and that would apply to ALL people, gay or straight.

Paul never mentions homosexuality or same-sex sex either, but his words were mistranslated into Latin and later into the other languages.  The is easily verified by scholars of Coptic Greek and of the Judaen culture of the time of Jesus. The Catholic church is so vested in the lie that it feels it cannot allow the truth. 

I fully agree that not all Catholics and Christians are bad.  I do say the Catholic church is deeply corrupt in both theology and in practice.  I have seen it from the inside out.

Next, you once again discriminate against a class of people, being a bigot, when you use the term "liberal" as you do.  When i talk about Christians and Catholics, I do not lump them altogether.  I do challenge the theology and the practice of some churches and religions, scudding Christianity, Islam, Hinduism and Buddhism.  PEOPLE corrupt teachings.  You take the beautiful message of Jesus and turn it into hate and intolerance, into harming others and then hiding behind Jesus to justify it.

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XxAnimus-SpiesxX Featured By Owner Jan 15, 2015
I am an atheist homosexual, and it warms my icy black heart to see that Christians can love homosexuals too~
inspiredcreativity Featured By Owner Jan 17, 2015  Professional Digital Artist
I am a Humanist Homosexual (humanism being a form of atheism), and I find that bigotry is even found within the Sexual Minority Community, and even against each other.  Alas Hate is all around us.  I n my experience, most Christians who are homophobic are that way because it was taught to them, so we are objectified, seen not as individual humans but rather those things that are evil perverts, child molester, disgusting, etc.  Often, once they meet us and get to know us as people, they lose their homophobia.  Still, it is sad to know people who may then say, "I love you as a friend, and am sad you will burn in hell."  These are people who accept that you are a good person, but still believe the propaganda and lies perpetrated by some churches, such as the Catholic church.

It is particularly upsetting to see bigotry by homosexuals against bisexuals, Gay men against Lesbians, Lesbians agains Gay men, Jocks against effeminate and on and on. 
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I watched this movie "The Secrets" or "Ha Sodot" in hebrew, about two students of Tzfat, where they teach young orthodox women the Torah, who fell in love. One of them was a wise student of Torah, she learned it so well that when the other girl, who didn't know the text so well, said to her that what they did is a sin, the wise student told her that it wasn't. Let's be clear about how the wise student was: very conservative, very serious, an erudite who followed jewish's laws every day at every hour, every minute of her life. One might assume she was homophobic for this, but she told the other girl that they didn't commit a sin, because the sacred texts only said that "sperm waste" was a sin, and women didn't have sperm, so women can't commit sin if they lie with another woman.

That resolution was such a surprise, and a learning about jewish laws that until now it surprises me. This young girl took advantage of the literal reading of the sacred texts to love abother woman without guilt.
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Thank you for the story. It is very interesting.
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The part of Sodom made me feel so well. I always saw it as the "Homophobic reading" of the bible, and when I was little I liked very much to read the bible. I was very christian, but my beliefs changed because of the homophobic references that my school taught us to believe as "logical". My school was a bit retarded in that way. Luckily, japanese animation saved me from that.
My beliefs will remain changing, but knowing that Sodom may not refer to Homosexuality makes me feel better. What a good reading.
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The thing is, even Christians did not interpret Sodom and Gomorrah as having anything to do with homosexuality until AD1100, well over a thousand years after the death of Jesus.   a man named Peter Damien interpreted one single word know in the story from meaning 'to know who you are (interrogate the angles about who they wired where they came from)' to know you in a sexual way, to want sex with every man, women and child in sodom.  The problem is that the word 'Know' is not used in a sexual way elsewhere in the Old Testament.  There church had decided to after Pagans and homosexuality was seen as uniquely Pagan.

Even the Jewish faith never interpreted Sodom & Gomorrah to be about homosexuality. 
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then this is a hell of a misunderstood
I hope people realize and stop blaming homosexual people for who they sleep with
also, even if the gomorrah and sodom story refered to homosexuality, no one can criticize someone else for who they love or feel sexualli attracted to. No one has died because of people being homosexual U.U
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Unfortunately, most people are not as open-minded as you.
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Being there 3 types of laws (moral laws, ritual laws, and social laws) I was told that only the ritual laws are no longer recognized since Jesus was the ultimate sacrifice, and that the moral laws (like homosexuality) would still remain sin. What I don't understand, is how to exactly recognize which is a moral law, I saw things that used to be sins, like cutting your hair on the sides, touching dead animals carcass and etc, but those don't look like moral laws or ritual laws.
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I don't actually know if I should be trying to answer your question from a Jewish perspective or a Christian perspective. The odds suggest I should do it more from a Christian perspective, but if I wrong, let me know.

You see a lot of people hung up on laws and rules.  As we shall see bellow, Jesus felt that you only needed to rules to live your life by and to know what was right and wrong by.  But people do not want something you have to think about and figure out.  Most humans demand ceremony, ritual, and tons of rules.  They want to know exactly what they must do and must not do to avoid hell and gain entry into heaven.  But this is not the way of Jesus Christ. You can follow every single rule of your church, plus give to charity and do good works, and NOT gain entry into heaven.  Heaven is predicated on the Two Great Commandments that Jesus gave us, to love god and to love your fellow mankind.  You can follow all of the rules, not commit sins and do good woks, without having that love in your heart.  But this is not what most Christian churches teach. 

We start with a premise of right and wrong.  What makes something a sin?  What if your car slides on ice and kills someone—is this a sin, haven't you have just killed someone?  What if you were drinking alcohol and have an accident that was aggravated by your poor reflexes (negligence)—is this a sin?  What if you are verbally fighting with someone who becomes afraid of you, then runs away and falls down the stairs, dying—is this a sin?  What if you have been abused horribly for decades, then emotionally and mentally break, and in a fog, kill your abuser—is this a sin?  What if you start taking the antidepressant Prozac and it makes you go crazy and kill someone—is this a sin? What if you are robbing a store and the clerk's heart starts beating erratically, sow he is sent to the hospital by ambulance, but the ambulance is in a traffic accident and the clerk dies (actual case)—is this a sin? [The robber was convicted of premeditated murder under the Felony Murder Law that says if anyone dies as a result of you committing a felony crime, it is treated as if you planned and intended the death.]

I could keep giving you many examples, but my point to you is the SIN is not determined by the act itself, it is determined by the INTENT. In fact, you can commit a sin in your mind, without ever actually physically committing the sin. Laws are rigid and cannot account for the real world.  To know if something is a sin, you must look to intent. If you had no idea something was wrong to do, a sin, then you had no intent to commit a sin, and thus no sin was committed. You cannot determine sin by just writing a rule.  This is the message of Jesus Christ in giving us only TWO GREAT COMMANDMENTS, in which Jesus said that ALL of the laws of the prophets depend.

    If you are Christian Leaning, there is something incredibly simple given to you by Jesus Christ, to be your sole needed guiding light for determining your spiritual path and in determining Right from Wrong:

    MATTHEW 22 The New American Bible
    "Teacher, 21 which commandment in the law is the greatest?"
    He said to him, 22 "You shall love the Lord, your God, with all your heart, with all your soul, and with all your mind.
    This is the greatest and the first commandment.
    The second is like it: 23 You shall love your neighbor as yourself.
    24 The whole law and the prophets depend on these two commandments."
This means that the entire OLD TESTAMENT must be reinterpreted according to the Two Great Commandments. If you love your fellow mankind then you will not steal, lie, cheat, kill, etc. 

How can you commit sin in your mind, without ever actually physically doing the act? Let us say a married man greatly desires his neighbor's wife in a sexual way, and she shows an equal interest.  He starts to plan how to make it happen, but then realizes that this is wrong and he decides to not to commit the sin of adultery. Temptation itself is never a sin or every human would go to hell. We are human and human nature itself gives arise to sinful temptations, such as greed. With his choice to stop the behavior, no sin is committed.  HOWEVER, let us say that the man and woman plan to meet, but then he becomes afraid of being caught and stops.  In this case, the man has committed the sin of adultery.  He went through with his INTENT and CHOICE of committing the sin, and was only stopped by either fear or circumstances, otherwise he would have gone through with it.


In the Old Testament, how do you know which part is story, which part is allegory and which part is actual law as given by the Prophets?  When the Jews are prohibited from eating pork, this was really a rule to prevent people from dying of food poisoning, since pigs were often the cause of food poising deaths.  Pigs ate 'unclean things" including sewage and rotten or contaminated food, and this can be passed on to those who then eat the pigs.  Somehow this was then made into a sin, just as Catholics made it a sin to eat meat on Fridays.  These rules have nothing to do with right and wrong or sin, and everything to do with rules meant to keep you healthy.  Not having sex before marriage is the same way.  Getting pregnant outside of marriage, in ancient times, was a disaster.  Some Christian Faiths say that enjoying sex is a sin, because sex is only meant to procreate.  If this were true, why would god create humans to enjoy sex?

What you have is thousands of years of people making up rules, giving opinions and then codifying it into law over time.  Therefore, how do you know which part is story, which part is allegory and which part is actual law as given by the Prophets?  You must use both common sense and the Two Great Commandments given by Jesus, who also said, "The whole law and the prophets depend on these two commandments."


The Old Testament was originally all about Nomadic Hebrews.  Nomadic Hebrews saw cities as a sin and inhospitality as the greatest sin of all. Many of the 'rules' and 'laws' of the Hebrews were based in nomadic law, survival under very harsh conditions and with very limited resources. It was also a very cruel law, necessitated by survival.  Disobey and die. Disobey your father and die.  Society was extremely rigid.  But again, Law and Rules for a society are different from SIN.  The Old Testament lumps them all together, while other parts are more of a history, or allegory story telling.

If you read my Old Testament & Homosexuality Old Testament + Homosexuality by inspiredcreativity it will take you through every mention of same-sex sexuality in the Old Testament, to show the translations problems, context problems, interpretations problems, etc.

Historically, homosexuality was tolerated and generally accepted throughout the ancient lands and in aboriginal populations on all of the continents, including Native Americans and even Pacific Islanders. Native americans called us Two-Spirits because we were the bridge between the two gender spirits.  Ancient tribal societies typically had a homosexual Shaman or Medicine man/woman.  We tended to be tribal negotiators and teachers.  Homosexuality was openly practiced in the vast Persian empire, Greek empire and Roman Empire. Active Christian opposition seems to have started around 1100 AD.

Well, I could keep going, but I have no idea how much detail you want, and I do not want to bore you to death, lol.  I hope this is of some help.
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It is greatly appreciated :) don't worry about giving off more details, I'd also like to know where and how you'd learn all of this?
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When I was a boy I wanted to be a priest and I was an altar boy. My father was also someone in charge of religious instruction (CCD) for Catholic Kids who were in public schools.  I was only 13 by a few weeks, when one morning my priest told us altar boys, "When a boy is attracted to another boy, he is an ABOMINATION in the eyes of God, doomed to burn for an eternity in the everlasting fires of Gahanna."  I was horrified, because I was attracted to boys. I prayed to God many times each day, begging God to make me 'Normal.'  I did not want to be different.  Days later, laying on my back in the backyard, staring up at the stars, I tired to make sense of it.  I never asked to be this way, nobody did anything to make me this way, so God must have made me this way, so why would God hate me?  It made no sense, it was irreconcilable, and in a flash my faith was shattered.  I tired to kill myself the next afternoon by jumping off a freeway overpass, only to have some man grab my feet as I was going over.

We had no sex education in those days.  I was autistic and very sheltered and isolated.  I actually did not know what sex was until I was age 19, nor what homosexuality or Gay was.  I did not even know what swear words meant.  But by age 12 I knew that I was different from other boys and how I was different, because i was following around cute boys since age 11.  I had already been in love with a boy named Anton Wild, but alas, he was an exchange student and had to go back to the UK.  Just a day after I turned 13, I confessed to my Aunt, "I feel about boys the way I am supposed to feel about girls."  She dismissed it as a phase boys go through.

After I graduated from a Merchant Marine Academy and going to sea for a living on supertanker ships, I came-out to my father, which was rather terrifying at the time. My father was a strict Catholic who went to church every single day. I was stunned to find out that he had no problem at all with my Homosexuality.  He is the one who first to actively help me accept my homosexuality.  He also pointed out that while what Jesus said is very important, what Jesus did 'not' say is also of importance. Some things Jesus brought up more than once, obviously believing them to be of importance, while he never once talked about homosexuality or same-sex sex, as witnessed by Matthew, Mark, Luke & John.  My father challenged me to carefully read the New Testament from cover to cover, specifically looking for any mentions of homosexuality.  He said that biblical scholars have been questioning the translations of Paul for hundreds of years, so you might want to do some research yourself.

I decided to start researching the issue of Homosexuality and Christianity.  Christians said that the Bible condemned people like me to hell, so i decided that if Christians were going to use the Bible against me as a weapon of hate, I needed to know everything possible about it, to help me let go of depression, to be able to defend myself, and to help others who were like me.  Catholics are masters of the art of guilt and shame for purposes of manipulation and control. It is not unusual for Catholics to feel guilt and shame over things where they actually have zero responsibility for whatever happened. I had lingering feelings of guilt and shame for being homosexual (Internalized Homophobia).

I not only studied the bible, I studied the history of the bible's creation, the history of Christianity and the history of the times of Jesus.  I studied about the culture as well.  I found out about a minister (Reverend Troy Perry) who founded a Gay Christian church called the MCC (Metropolitan Community Church).  I read the book that he wrote where he analyzed the translations and cultural aspects of homosexuality in the bible.  The entire New Testament was written in Coptic Greek.  This set me off on new research in translation problems from Coptic Greek, from the time when Jesus, the apostles and Paul lived, into Latin and the then the modern languages. I then branched out to study Buddhism, Islam and Native American Traditions, although I know a lot less about those faiths than I do about Christianity.

As the years have gone by, Bible Archeology has advanced considerably, along with our knowledge of the Judaea culture during the life of Jesus, and our knowledge of Coptic Greek.  The problem is that most Christian churches are completely vested in a lie, and change will not come easily. 

Please keep in mind that there is a big difference between Spirituality and Religion.  Religion is more about people and meeting the needs of people, like a big exclusive club with thousands of special rules. Spirituality is all about you and your personal connection to God, or to your beliefs and values.  For example, the Catholic church has thousands and thousands of rules that have no direct link to the teachings of Jesus Christ, such as Birth Control. A church makes up many rules to supposedly help guide on the best path to unity with god.  There are people in organized crime who murder, steal, feed drugs to kids, engage in sexual slavery, etc, who go to church on a regular basis and give to charity.  It is spirituality that matters on Judgment Day, not religion.  It is your capacity to love and be compassionate, and to choose to be a good person as best you can that matters, not your religion.

That said, religion can offer many people the comforts of ritual, ceremony, routine, being a part of a group of people, and being told what to do and what no to do.  But BEWARE, to join God, it takes a great deal more than obeying rules, doing good deeds and going to church, it requires a universal love for your fellow mankind, and a giving, compassionate and forgiving heart.

If I could not be a priest, I still wanted to help people.  When I went into the Academy, I had a plan and a goal to graduate, go to sea, save and invest every penny I could, then retire in 10 years and devote my life to volunteer work.  Well, it actually took almost 14 years, due to a husband who was an alcoholic, drug addict, and spendaholic.  I retired for life at age 34, coming home from the sea for good.  I went directly into volunteer work to care for those dying of AIDS, working in the Soup Kitchen, doing home care and then Primary daily care until each died. The University of Washington heard about my volunteer counseling on the Sexual Minority Community and invited me to their 'Peer Counseling' program for free, so that is how I became an official 'Volunteer Peer Counselor.'  I have been doing full-time volunteer work going on some 26 years.
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I see, that's a really valuable information and I have to say I admire things about your work and life in general, I thank you greatly for all you've written and confirmed for me, without these deviations you wrote I'm not sure if I'd have had enough courage or argument to spread the word about homosexuality's reality, I will continue to research things as well and ask you anything if I need it :) I hope to someday find more tolerance among christians.
inspiredcreativity Featured By Owner Sep 17, 2014  Professional Digital Artist
You are very welcome.  I thank you for your part in teaching tolerance, for being open-minded and for your willingness to question and seek answers.
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Chirst following Bisexual
and proud
inspiredcreativity Featured By Owner Apr 4, 2014  Professional Digital Artist
I hope you also saw New Testament + Homosexuality by inspiredcreativity New Testament + Homosexuality

The true Gospels of Jesus are the original Gospels of Matthew, Mark, Luke & John 
write in Coptic Greek.  These Gospels, as well as the Letters Of Paul, were incorrectly translated into Latin and then into the modern languages.  This created the LIE that Homosexuality isa sin.  Homosexuality is NOT A SIN in the words of the Apostles Matthew, Mark, Luke & John, the eyewitnesses to words of Jesus Christ, and homosexuality is NOT A SIN in the original words of Paul.
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Yeah right. I couldnt read.
inspiredcreativity Featured By Owner Aug 6, 2013  Professional Digital Artist
I am Autistic and do not understand things like innuendo, indirect meanings or implied meanings, so I am afraid I do not understand what you are trying to tell me.  Could you please clarify?
artvelocity Featured By Owner Aug 6, 2013
i couldnt read all that. it was so long.
inspiredcreativity Featured By Owner Aug 6, 2013  Professional Digital Artist
I see.  The deviation is meant to prove the mistranslations and misinterpretations of the new and old testaments.  I can boil it down to a small size for Sexual Minority people, but then people demand detailed proof.  Some Christian Sexual Minorities write to me when they feel a conflict between their Christian Faith and their Sexual Orientation.  For them, I can usually sum it all up in one Note.  But if they need to try to convince parents, then you need more detail and proof.
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send me note.
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Man created religion. Therefore, I became a deist. It's not a religion, and deists believe in God. I'm so happy I found a word for non-religious god-believing people. ^^ The whole point of religion was to teach people about HIM until man decided to make it into a drama. I'm all supportive about same-sex monogamous marriage!


By the way, I believe in Christ too. He loves us all equally. He can never get mad at us for our sin. We're all born into it and we can be risen from it.

inspiredcreativity Featured By Owner Aug 3, 2013  Professional Digital Artist
Thank you for your support.  My father taught me that there is a big difference between Spirituality and Religion.  Spirituality is all about your own belief system and religion is a group affair, like an exclusive club.    I find that the practice of Christianity, Islam, Hinduism, and even Buddhism to be a corruption of the original teachings.

Jesus gave us two Great Commandments, to Love God and love your fellow mankind, saying that these are the basis of ALL of the law of the prophets (Old and New Testaments both).  You do not need any other rules to live your life by. If you love your fellow mankind, you do not lie to them, steal, murder, etc.  But human beings, in general, DEMAND rules, tradition and ceremony.  People want to be told exactly what and what not to do, to get into the pearly gates of heaven.

Unfortunately for so many Christians, you can follow every rule and technically never sin, and even give money to charity, and never go to heaven.  This is due to the requirement to Love your fellow mankind.  The state of your soul is not so much about what you did right and wrong, it is about your intent, about giving of yourself for the benefit of others, of being a loving and compassionate human being. Rules are supposed to keep a person on a better path to heaven, but following rules does not get you there.

After the death of Christ, organized churches were formed and they battled each other constantly over theology. Then the Roman Emperor Constantine decided to use Christianity as a way of unifying his crumbling empire, since the Pagans were always fighting between themselves, over their different Gods.  Constantine needed a single Christian church, so he called together all bishops of both the Western Church and the Eastern (Gnostics). This was called the First Council of Nicea, in AD325.  Constantine wanted the patriarchal and centralized power system of the Western Church.  The Holy Trinity and the Divinity of Christ were voted on.  The Gnostics lost and any who refused to convert to the Western church were hunted down and murdered.  The early church was a very bloody affair. With the fall of Gnostics came the fall of the role of women in the church.  Women had equal roles in the Gnostic form of Christianity.  Under the Western church, women were related to "Brides of Christ" and made totally subservient to men.

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I'm straight, but I don't mind if someone is homosexual. It's not something i am, & I have no business judging a homosexual on their orientation. I don't know what it's like exactly, but I agree. And don't insult people for their orientation, because it's biased since we don't know what's it like to be them. This is really well written by the way.
inspiredcreativity Featured By Owner May 16, 2013  Professional Digital Artist
Thank you for your support and understanding. Homosexuality is very easy to understand. We are exactly like you, except that we romantically love people of the same gender. Everything else is exactly the same. We want relationships and family, we want love, just like anyone else. Alas, there are some religious groups and by bigots who keep spreading lies about us, like saying we are child molesters. Yet statistically, Straight men molest children at a higher rate than homosexual men do.

It is great to hear from open-minded people like you.
Rey-of-Arcadia Featured By Owner May 17, 2013  Student
No problem and I don't really buy into those lies anyway.And yeah I know it's the same. You just love someone so much you want to be with them forever. It's so unfair how people judge others based on who they are and especially homosexuals. They're exactly like us, we're people. I know some really nice homosexuals and they're good friends of mine. I also have straight friends too and we're all perfectly fine with it.
inspiredcreativity Featured By Owner May 18, 2013  Professional Digital Artist
Our hope is that there will be more and more people like you.
Rey-of-Arcadia Featured By Owner May 18, 2013  Student
Yeah. There's a lot of people that think the way i do, it's just I think most of them get too afraid to say they don't mind either. It's just their some stupid people who will call you homosexual if you even say I don't mind. It's really stupid anyway.
inspiredcreativity Featured By Owner May 20, 2013  Professional Digital Artist
Yes, it is stupid, but I think it will get better.
Rey-of-Arcadia Featured By Owner May 20, 2013  Student
I think it will, I mean society is a lot more open to homosexuals than it used to be, but even now, it's still biased. Here goes hoping for equality.
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Hi! I love the way your paper is laid out. I, too, composed a website about this (before I came across your paper/website). I wrote if for a senior thesis. I was wondering if you could help me out. My website is [link]. The first page is fine, but I think that some of the pages are too long/wordy. I don't know how to break down the subject matter any further, and I don't want to remove important content (I'm sure that if I look hard, I could remove extra verbiage).

I was wondering if you have any suggestions for making the website easier to read? For example, this page is huge (all words, no pictures): [link] Granted, it is a complicated subject, but I don't want the website to confuse/frustrate people because of the complexity of the subject. I will appreciate any words of wisdom. On a side note, I don't expect anyone to actually read through all of it (I figure that people will pick and choose what pages they are interested in). Thanks in advance!
inspiredcreativity Featured By Owner Feb 14, 2013  Professional Digital Artist
Hi. Thank you for your kind words.

Did you also see the other two papers that go with this one?
    New Testament + Homosexuality [link]
    Old Testament + Homosexuality [link]
    SODOM DESTROYED ON 6-29-3129BC [link]
The latter one gives more detail about the Judaic and Orthodox Christian views of Sodom & Gomorrah.

I feel I should warn you. I get attacked regularly, sometimes viciously, by Christians, for my above papers. Most are so bad that I hide them from view. If you allow comments on your page, or supply an email address, you will get attacked, along with personal attacks on your character, being told you will burn in hell, are Satan’s child, etc. Just so you know.

Usually they have not even read any of the papers they are screaming about and are outraged that I would dare to write about Homosexuality and the Bible, or claim translation problems and accuse me of daring to question the word of God. My answer to them is that I do not question the word of God or Jesus, I question the words of Translators who had their own hidden agendas. I say we must go back as far as possible to original scriptures, which in the case of the New Testament, is in Coptic Greek.

Translation is extremely difficult after 2,000 years. A language must be translated in context of the culture at the time of the writing. Also, you must use the actual language of the time. There was language drift in Coptic Greek, just as in all languages. There was no word for same-sex sex or homosexual sex in the Coptic Greek language. Paul did not even write, so he dictated to a scribe who wrote in Coptic Greek.

To give you a very small example of translation drift just in the last few decades, Paul used the phrase, “Faith, Hope and Charity.” The primary definition of the word ‘Charity’ meant: Universal Love For Your Fellow Mankind. But over time, the vernacular of the word ‘Charity’ came to mean: The voluntary giving of help to people in need. Many of the latest translations of the Bible, like the New American Bible, translated Paul’s phrase, “Faith, Hope and Charity” into ““Faith, Hope and Love.”

Something big is lost in this translation, to go from “Universal Love For Your Fellow Mankind” to “Love.” Imagine the problems of jumping over 2,000 years from an ancient language, where most of the cultural context is lost, and only very well studies Scholars in Greek language and culture can do an effective translation. But instead, it is theologians who are less educated in both ancient Coptic Greek and the Ancient Coptic Greek culture and the ancient culture of Judea.

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .


I wrote my papers with one thing in mind. I wanted to be a missionary Priest, but could not reconcile my Faith with my Homosexuality, and there was no help at all back then. I struggles with self-hate and internalized homophobia. I set out to help LGBTQ people be able to reconcile their faith with their homosexuality, as well as to help their parents and other loved reconcile their Faith with the homosexual nature of their loved one.

I also wanted my papers to act as a REFERENCE for when LGBTQ people are attacked by Christians or Jews with Biblical passages, with hot Indexes and Table of contents to quickly find passages and provide arguments against those using biblical passages as a weapon against them, or to help convince parents and loved ones.

It was never my intent to convince Conservative Christians to accept homosexuals, because they are too blinded by hate and a desire to discriminate against others, especially when they believe they have God’s permission to discriminate and abuse homosexuals.

. . . . . . .

To answer your questions, first you must decide who your intended audience is. If you want to include a young audience, then your layout is not ideal for that but I think it is easily adapted to a younger audience.

First, I know it is a bit of work, but on your first page, a linked Index of Biblical passages, linked to where you cover said passages, would turn your site into a handy reference guide for people looking for help on a specific passage or two. For example, a person could scan down the index to find Leviticus 18:22, click on it, and be taken to where you discuss that passage.

I think that your pages are well laid-out for Biblical researchers and those interested in an in-depth study, but they are not laid-out well for a younger audience. I have found in my years of working with youth (ages 12 to 25) that most young people today are completely put-off by large blocks of text. If I were to do my papers over, I would do them differently. I wrote them years ago.

However, your pages could very easily be adapted to please both youth people and those wanting a deeper look at the subject. You could give a relatively short summary in each column, followed by a link to another page offering the full details for those who want the all of the details and references. I am suggesting separate pages, because if you put both the summaries and details on a single page, many people would look at a page with a ton of text and just hit the back button or close the window/tab. If they see a smaller amount of text, they are more likely to read it, and if they are then captivated or interested in more detail, they can click on the link and get it.

In other words, you might consider inserting a summary page before the detail & reference page, with a well-labeled link to further deals and references. this should appeal to a wider audience.

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .


I give both Judaic Rabbinic and Orthodox Christian views of Sodom & Gomorrah in my paper SODOM DESTROYED ON 6-29-3129BC [link] which is worth checking out.

It is important to note that Homosexuality was never interpreted into Sodom and Gomorrah until the 11th century by the Italian ascetic Peter Damian. In other words, Christianity never saw Sodom & Gomorrah linked to Homosexuality, for over 1,000 years after the birth of Christ. I give the details of this translation in the above linked paper, under, “ORTHODOX CHRISTIAN VIEW.”

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Frankly, my paper on the New Testament needs a little bit of updating, but I simply do not have the time to do it now. For example, Biblical Archeologists have found that the place where Jesus was raised in Judea was very urban, a city that was relatively densely populated with Roman Citizens and Garrisons. Joseph, was a carpenter, which was like an upper-middle-class trade in those times, and it is very likely that he worked a lot for the romans (where the money was).

This is significant because it means that it was extremely likely that Jesus would have known about ‘Same-Sex Sex’ or homosexual sex in his lifetime of ~34 years. The Romans openly practiced ‘Same-Sex Sex’ as part of their normal sexuality. They Greeks and Romans had no word for ‘Same-Sex Sex’ or homosexuality in their language, because it was considered as just being one aspect of sexuality.

If you then consider that Jesus never once said a single word against ‘Same-Sex Sex’ or homosexuality, as witnessed by Matthew, Mark, Luke and John, his omission speaks volumes. It is the same with God’s only direct message to us (not via men) in the Ten Commandments, has no mention of ‘Same-Sex Sex’ or homosexuality.

Are you aware of the change in the Catholic Catechism concerning homosexuality? The Catholic church’s official stand on homosexuality is that Homosexuality itself is not a sin. But a much more significant change is that the Catholic Church has conceded that people are BORN homosexual. More churches are doing this because of the overwhelming science. We even know much of the mechanism.

Normally you would think that God never makes a mistake, therefore homosexual sex, within the confines of a gay Marriage (long-term loving and committed relationship), would not be a sin. Unfortunately, the church still sees Homosexual sex, even in the confines of a loving long-term relationship (marriage), as a sin. They feel that God gave homosexual people the burden of living all their lives in celibacy as a test of their faith.

Reference: You can Read or Download the Catholic Church's Catechism on Homosexuality: Ministry to Persons with a Homosexual Inclination [link] from the 2006 American Conference of Catholic Bishops:

The church acknowledges that people are born Homosexual and that Homosexuality itself is not a sin.

"Homosexual Inclination Is Not Itself a Sin
While the Church teaches that homosexual acts are immoral, she does distinguish between engaging in homosexual acts and having a homosexual inclination. While the former is always objectively sinful, the latter is not. To the extent that a homosexual tendency or inclination is not subject to one’s free will, one is not morally culpable for that tendency. Although one would be morally culpable if one were voluntarily to entertain homosexual temptations or to choose to act on them, simply having the tendency is not a sin. Consequently, the Church does not teach that the experience of homosexual attraction is in itself sinful."

"The Church teaches that persons with a homosexual inclination 'must be accepted with respect, compassion, and sensitivity.' We recognize that these persons have been, and often continue to be, objects of scorn, hatred, and even violence in some sectors of our society. Sometimes this hatred is manifested clearly; other times, it is masked and gives rise to more disguised forms of hatred. 'It is deplorable that homosexual persons have been and are the object of violent malice in speech or in action. Such treatment deserves condemnation from the Church’s pastors wherever it occurs.'

Those who would minister in the name of the Church must in no way contribute to such injustice. They should prayerfully examine their own hearts in order to discern any thoughts or feelings that might stand in need of purification. Those who minister are also called to growth in holiness. In fact, the work of spreading the Good News involves an ever-increasing love for those to whom one is ministering by calling them to the truth of Jesus Christ."

I hope this is of some help,

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