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Perspective Drawing Tutorial by inspiredcreativity Perspective Drawing Tutorial by inspiredcreativity

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This is a tutorial for How to Draw in 1-Point External Perspective for beginners.

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I can give you LINKS for Overviews, Tutorials and Video Tutorials on:
    Drawing Perspective Shadows
    External 2-Point Perspective
    External 3-Point Perspective
    Internal 1-Point Perspective
    Internal 2-Point Perspective
    Drawing a Circle in Perspective
    Curvilinear Perspective
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topazlights Featured By Owner Jan 20, 2015
Perspective is a special attention of learning to see the world from your point of view. it is also helps you understanding you position in life and the dimensions of space and time.
inspiredcreativity Featured By Owner Jan 21, 2015  Professional Digital Artist
So true. The concept of perspective can be hard for some young new artists to grasp, especially since so many American schools no longer teach art and music. My hope was to create a simple tutorial anyone could follow.  Each drawing, for each step, has a link you can click on to take you to a full page rendition.
Amaris123 Featured By Owner Aug 12, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Very nice, I'll have to put it to use some time! :D 
inspiredcreativity Featured By Owner Aug 12, 2014  Professional Digital Artist
Thanks, I had this in Note form, but it is hard to follow with only text, so I did a layout in Adobe InDesign, then just kept hiding different elects and exporting Jpegs.  In then layer up the tutorial in InDesign and exported it to PDF with hyperlinks.  InDesign is much better suited than Photoshop for this kind of this, as is Illustrator.

You can do this pretty fast, although it is better to take your time and understand what is going on.  Note how you can put the horizon and Vanishing point anywhere you want.  You would use this to draw in trees, winding roads… 

Perspective is very important to your art.  Let us say you want to drawing a friend sitting on a bench with his feet pointed towards to observer or at an angle to the observer.  His feet should look larger than normal and his head and torso smaller than normal.  This gives your drawing dynamic energy and more realism.   If you want to draw the inside of a room and not have it look like the furniture is falling out of the room, you need perspective.  You need perspective for drawing cityscapes, landscapes, streets, roads, trees, multiple people (especially in action), and on and on.

This tutorial is your first step in learning Perspective.
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August 12, 2014
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