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Rainbow Crow by inspiredcreativity Rainbow Crow by inspiredcreativity

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Rainbow Crow is a wonderful Native American Myth. This is of the Lenape People.

It is relatively short. I highly recommend reading it.

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querrspirit Featured By Owner May 15, 2011
I read it it was beautiful. Native american's are so rich in there spiritual way's just as gay's have been cut from there spiritual way's. The destruction by western european Christian's is unbelievable.

Do you know of antinous the gay god

aggression and war is what the doctored ordered. The west is going to destroy the planet.

Native American, buddhist, and pagan's and gays have all one thing in common is that they all have genocide in there history past.

Gay people are the counter balance to the hetero sexual aggressive society we live in.
inspiredcreativity Featured By Owner May 16, 2011  Professional Digital Artist
Antinous was Hadrian's Lover, and when he died, Hadrian decreed his deification, and worship of the Antinous was widespread. The cult of Antinous was severely condemned by the emerging Catholic Church. It was seen as both a blasphemy and a celebration of an immoral sexual relationship.

There are Gay Saints too.

Unfortunately, aggression and war are not limited to the West, as it is very common in the East to, as seen in China, Russia, etc. It is more of a Human thing than a West thing.

Human nature is based foremost in:
    • Greed
    • Sexual drive
    • A desire for power, which includes the desire to Dominate others, Subjugate others, Impose your will over others, and Control over others.
    • Cruelty, Revenge, Retribution, Jealousy & Arrogance being very common
    • FEAR
    • Believing that you are fundamentally better than others
Along with Ignorance, the last two are the Roots of BIGOTRY.

These are things both genetic and learned.

Goodness requires active CHOICE, which is driven by COMPASSION, FEAR of Hell, or for the REWARD of Heaven. I am a Humanist, centered in compassion, so my goodness comes from active CHOICE. Parents can start instilling the will to choose a path of goodness, OR imparting a value system largely based in Guilt and Shame, the offer of a heaven and the threat of a hell. But other forms of value systems have worked too.

It is easier to Hate than it is to be tolerant, understanding, and loving.

When I was younger, I thought that people who are the victims of bigotry would never be bigots, but alas that was naive. The reality of humanity is that bigotry happens even in those who are victims of it themselves.

I want to think that homosexual people are more kind and gentle by nature, but this is not backed by reality. I can tell you that there are some really horrible and despicable excuses for human beings who are LGBTQ, as well as pathological liars, cheats, thieves, etc. There are men who know they are HIV Positive and go out and have unprotected sex, telling their sexual partners that they are negative. There areGay people who beat their partners. There are Gay predators. Therefore, I imagine that Gay people are no different from any other people, when it comes to human nature, moral behavior, etc.
querrspirit Featured By Owner May 15, 2011
I will read the myth in a bit. I love reading about myths. Have you heard of mitch walker
inspiredcreativity Featured By Owner May 16, 2011  Professional Digital Artist
Yes, he is an author, a shrink, and co-founder of Radical Faeries and Treeroots. I have not actually read any of his books though.
Patrickjkiley Featured By Owner May 6, 2010  Hobbyist General Artist
Iconic and beautiful. I will share this with m children. Thank you.
inspiredcreativity Featured By Owner May 9, 2010  Professional Digital Artist
You are most welcome. It is a wonderful tale for both children and adults. Alas, my hands would cooperate to allow me to paint my vision of the Rainbow Crow. Obviously the story is not my work, but I put this together to share it other people becasue it moved me so much.

Have you seen my piece on TWO SPIRIT: GBLT INDIAN NATION?

I love many of the traditional myths and traditions of Native american tribes. Greg I both have incorporated some Native spirituality in our lives. For example, Native american tradition sees mankind as simply part of nature, and they see it as critically important that we live in harmony with nature and respect nature (the land, rocks, sky, water, insects, animals, etc).

We also do regular Smudging, which is a ritual cleansing practice, where you use the smoke of smoldering grasses (typically white sage). People often confuse what is going on. They see the smoke as some kind of magic. But really, the smoke is simply a vehicle, something of the material world we know that can help our subconscious mind accomplish things or go places. Typically it is used to cleanse a space for ritual work, or the welcome the spirits of the dead, but it can also be a tool for transporting the mind.

I built my own drum after going to a desert workshop in Arizona. The only ties I wear are bolo ties, and all of mine are made by the Hopi and Zuni tribe craftsmen, who do amazng work.

I have been more alined to desert tribes in my life, but I hope to learn more about the northern tribes common to Washington and Canada.
SkellingtonGhost Featured By Owner Jun 4, 2010  Hobbyist General Artist
i read the rainbow crow now it's so butiful that like many he sacrifesed his buty for others and only thoughs who care can see his buty yet others would be afrid of him. like myself im a little "scary" looking yet im glad because then some dont bug me and sence i dont look like a gay starotype many dont ask. but only toughs who know me can see who i am inside. but some may try to nd see something different. thanks for sharing. im gonna read to wo spirit but i read about them. they belived that one had the soul of both male and femail. so sometimes they would dress and act in the opposite sex as transgenderd but i dont think they change phisicly the gender. and when others came to america they saw them as "godless sinners" yet even when we see the aztecs we think their crazy but they sacrifised enemys to their gods for protection and land wont die. i LOVE culture i just turned 18 coule weeks ago. and a good freind tought me about gay and latino culture. and before i didn't know who is around me intill my eyes are opend. because when your young you dont think others are like you but i met many other alsbergers and so many people. if i dont understand someting ill try to understand. even tough im christain and im lyel to my belifs im not one who hates or pitys. instead i go to other laces like for wicka or other spiritul places to feel the vibe and calture. my belif is that who ever the creater is he is anyone you think he is. no maber if he is zuse, bouta, god, or chuck norris (sorry bad joke XD ) but with many their is this feeling you get inside so even if their is no god we can feel someting inside helping wven if it's our own souls. im open with any one i have freinds who belive or do many stuff and i like to see and undestand like an apprence not like others who laugh in ignerince. even when many do stupid stuff like exicution and it makes you sick and you dont adgree i try to see were they are standing.
inspiredcreativity Featured By Owner Jun 5, 2010  Professional Digital Artist
I love studying and experiencing cultures too. I have traveled all over this globe, although I have certainly not been everywhere. Understanding the Gods of a culture can also show you much of what their lives were like at the time, or help you understand the people you are with, like when Greg and I were in Thailand.


People get caught up in RITUAL, and loose the purpose of the ritual. It becomes about the incense and how many times you stand there and turn the Prayer Wheels, etc, etc.

Greg and I use a Native American Ritual SMUDGING, the burning of Sage, or Cedar, or Sweetgrass, or a combination of them, to create smoke. It is even described in literature online as being used to purify and cleans, the smoke attaching itself to negative energies. But this is the problem with all rituals, in thinking that turning prayer wheels, burning incense or that Smudging with smoke ACTUALLY DO SOMETHING IN OF THEMSELVES. When this happens, they are nothing but empty rituals.

Rituals are symbolic to help your mind and spirit to do something or to take you where you want them to go. If we want to purify ourselves of negative energies, but don’t know how to make that happen, we can use something of the real world, something we do understand, to do the things we cannot otherwise do or understand. When we smudge, we are wafting the smoke all around our bodies, or a room. Our MINDS are using the smoke, asking the smoke to help us cleanse us of negativity. THE SMOKE IS NOT DOING ANYTHING DIRECTLY, IT IS OUR MINDS DOING THE WORK, THE SMOKE IS SYMBOLIC. If you take a smudge stick and make it smolder and make smoke, walk around the room with it, or spiral it around your body, then put it out, nothing has happened at all, but most people think that the SMOKE ITSELF has cleaned them or the room. It was nothing but empty ritual.


The process I am going to talk about van be used in any ritual, in guided imagery, in meditation, and in healing.

Try to get as close to a MEDITATIVE STATE OF MIND as you can. Light the smudge stick and then put it out in sand or the bottom of the container, until it is just glowing or smoldering a bit and making smoke. As you pass the smudging stick around your body, starting at you feet, focus your mind on the smoke (visually or in your mind), imagine it drawing out the negative energies of your body, making your body welcoming to positive energy. Ask the smoke to carry away these negative energies as you continue to wind the smoke all around and up your body. At your head, take your time, for this is the center of negativity. You can do this with another person, where you clean that person using the power of your mind and spirit to draw out negative energies. You can do this with a room, tent, or even outdoors in a ritual place.

I told you about GUIDED IMAGERY FOR HEALING. The principle is the same. You are using images you create in your mind to do things you cannot otherwise do, like talk to a dead parent, so that you can say the things you needed to say. It is tremendously powerful. It can be used for Healing, for spiritual cleansing, for centering, for energizing yourself, increasing self-worth and self-confidence, it has even been used in Professional Basketball to improve free throws. Guided Imagery is a way of TAPPING INTO YOUR SUBCONSCIOUS MIND.

You can help heal yourself and others using Ritual or Guided Imagery. You can help work on emotional problems, depression, anxiety, or in fighting cancer and diseases. These methods are simply ways to help us tap into the power of our minds. It is what Hindu Gurus and Buddhist Monks can do, but much, much better after a lifetime devoted to it.

Some people go through a process of thanking their food for giving them flavor and sustenance, for maintaining and giving them life. If all you do is say the words, nothing happens, but if you have heart and meaning behind those words, and feel them, it can make a difference to your health.

Greg and I have both seen a doctor from Mainland China. He is an herbalist and acupuncturist. He would give us bags of barks, roots, eye of newt, armadillo skin (yuk), etc, and we would brew it into thick fluid, which we did 6 days a week. We thanking the barks, roots, bones, etc that went into his concoctions. It was much more than words. When we thanked them for giving their life energy to heal us, we were also embracing their GIFT into us. We were acknowledging that those things have the power to help heal us.


When you study ritual and culture, it is important to realize that shaman and others are not just chanting and dancing, while they speak, chant, sing and move their bodies in rhythm and dance, they are using these things to channel and focus the magic that is natural to all of us. The mind is really our Final Frontier, not space, not the oceans.

Unfortunately, when there is a rupture between generations, the important part of the knowledge, about the powers themselves are lost, and only empty ritual may be left behind.

NATIVE AMERICAN TWO SPIRIT is not that simple. It is not really transgendering.
SkellingtonGhost Featured By Owner Jun 5, 2010  Hobbyist General Artist
thank you i will try that. i was watching a documentry of transgendered in iran. ats aloud because their bible says nothing of it as sin. but people dont exept. this girl who became a man is afrid of geting killed for loving a man even when he's not gay so they had it and he cant share his feelings and his lover could tell the polece and their is alot of risk but many get transistion here it is [link] this is a good tv channel i learned alot
inspiredcreativity Featured By Owner Jun 6, 2010  Professional Digital Artist
I followed your link, and it was upsetting enough for me to reply to it. It is a skewed look at the real story in Iran.

I have been thinking of doing a deviation about Iran. Iran has the largest number of transgender surgeries in the world, becasue it is FORCED on anyone who admits to being a homosexual. They claim there are NO homosexuals in IRAN, because if they find any, they force them to become the other sex. This is a disgusting and horrific practice.

Transgender is only appropriate for those who feel like they are trapped in the body of the wrong sex. This is very different from being homosexual or bisexual. We are all part of the Sexual Minority Community, the largest groups being Gays, Lesbians, Bisexuals, and Transgendered (GLBT). To take a homosexual man and FORCE him into a woman's body, to cut off his penis, is an abomination, just as it is to take a Lesbian and cut-off her breasts and force her to be a Man.

Being able to get government support and public support for VOLUNTARY Transgender surgery is a wonderful thing. But there is much more to this story than you are may be aware of.

Iran says you must be a male or female, but not homosexual.

Iran is the face of inhumanity and the forced horrific mutilation of homosexuals. This is not what ISLAM is about. I also do not believe that all Iranians support this, but the Iranian Government does.
SkellingtonGhost Featured By Owner Jun 6, 2010  Hobbyist General Artist
you have taught be before of forcing transition. on that site they have documentary about gays there to i couldnt watch the fist part was deleted but second part this male prosatue was raped ALL the time and they blamed him he gets beat every day and he even got erested and the cops raped him. it's realy sad but its good that he had the guts to talk to Current Tv this is a good channel many documentarys from over the world. idk what happend to him now. but it kills me to see that happening i read this from aferca sickens me [link]
inspiredcreativity Featured By Owner Jun 8, 2010  Professional Digital Artist
Some Arab countries have Laws saying that to participate in homosexual sex, even if it is rape, is a crime. United Arab Emirates law does not recognize rape of males, only a crime called “forced homosexuality.” The UAE threatened to charge a 15 year old French boy of homosexual activity after being raped by three Arab Men. One of the men was HIV+.

See the story HERE.

There is a story in America of a two off-duty policemen men brutally raping and crippling a Gay men and leaving him for dead. He was found and 911 was called. The two responding police were the attackers. No justice was done. It happens here too. There are places in the United States no better than the brutality and injustice of many 3rd world countries. You seldom here about it becasue victims do not dare come forward, since the police are so corrupt.
cplanetfan Featured By Owner Jan 8, 2010
Beautiful work
inspiredcreativity Featured By Owner Jan 9, 2010  Professional Digital Artist
Thanks. I did not write it of course, but I love the myth so much I wanted to share it.
cplanetfan Featured By Owner Jan 10, 2010
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