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October 22, 2010
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The Faces of Teen Suicide by inspiredcreativity The Faces of Teen Suicide by inspiredcreativity

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TRAGICALLY, another 14 year old gay boy, Jamey Rodemeyer, has committed suicide after years of Homophobic bullying, on 9-08-11, months after making an, "It Gets Better," YouTube video: [link] [link] [link]


This is a MEMORIAL for all the boys and girls who are killing themselves, most from Bullying and Homophobia in School and in the home.

I show the faces of only a tiny fraction of the kids who have killed themselves. Many, but not all of these kids are Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Transgender, or Questioning. Others were Perceived as Gay, even if they were not Gay, and sometimes kids are simply called “Gay” as a method of bullying and harassment. Please look and see the faces of those now lost to us, beautiful spirits gone, but not forgotten. It is a horrendous waste. Researching this and writing this was very difficult and resulting in a lot of tears. There were so very many cases and I had to trim it down.

When I was 13 years old, I tried to kill myself, and then continued to experience Suicide Ideation past 18 years old. I survived, thrived, and found Love and Happiness.

Today, right now in America, Half (50%) of ALL BOYS who attempt or succeed in killing themselves, are Gay or Bisexual. If you include girls, 29% of ALL CHILDREN who attempt or succeed in killing themselves, are Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Transgender or Questioning. 85% of all GLBTQ kids have thought seriously about committing suicide.

The Social world of School, and the lack of Freedom and Independence of being under 18, will all go away once you turn 18 and graduate from School.

If any of you are feeling the need to talk to someone about your Depression and suicidal thoughts, feel free to SEND ME A NOTE.

The TREVOR PROJECT is for helping Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Transgender, and Questioning YOUTH. It is anonymous and safe.

TOLL FREE 24 HOUR HOTLINE 1-866-488-7386 [ 866 4-U-TREVOR]
The TREVOR website [link] has many resources.

TrevorSpace [link] is a social networking site for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and questioning youth ages 13 through 24 and their friends and allies.

Daniel Radcliff, who plays HARRY POTTER, is a passionate supporter of the Trevor Project, and has done video spots and donated a lot of money. He talks about it here: [link]

To see videos of other GLBTQ people who survived to find a much better life, check out the


This is a small bit of my story:

When I was newly 13 years old, I tried to kill myself by climbing over a chain-link fence on a Freeway overpass. I was almost over it when a passing motorist stopped his car, jumped out and dragged me off the fence. My mother swore me to secrecy, out of shame, and never offered to talk about it or get me any help.

I did not know what "Gay" meant, but by age 11 I had noticed that I was attracted to boys the way I was supposed to be attracted to girls. At age 12, I fell in-love with Anton Wild, an exchange student from the UK, then he had to go home and I was crushed. I was an Altar boy wanting to be a priest. Then our priest told us boys that, "Boys who are physically attracted to other boys are an abomination in the eyes of God, doomed to burn for an eternity in the everlasting fires of Gahanna." I was repeatedly praying to God to please make me 'Normal.' I could not understand it, I was a good boy, how could I be doomed for something that was not even my choice? It ended up shattering my spirituality, setting me adrift and alone.

My suicide attempt at age 13 was not my only one. Besides being Gay, I am also Autistic. Back then, people simply called you mentally retarded, idiot, stupid, spastic, etc. I was being physically abused almost every day by my older twin brothers. I came close to killing myself at age 16 (up to planning it). I remained very depressed and engaged in suicide ideation until I was 18.

I entered a Maritime Academy (Not military) at age 18, where you had to arrive two weeks early for nothing but hazing. One-third of the incoming class is typically lost in those first two weeks. After the first two days, I was ready to kill myself on Friday, the only time there would be opportunity. Wednesday night, sitting around with the guys in my division, I suddenly realized that these guys seemed to actually like me and accept me, something I had never felt before, and in an instant everything changed and the constant hazing became tolerable. Those guys became my new family. The daily regimentation worked well with my Autism and I managed to graduate number one with an accredited Degree in Engineering and a License to sail on ships.

I still had this horrible secret in me, knowing that if they found out, not only would I be summarily outcast, I might actually be killed. For the 17 years that I went to the Academy and then went to sea for a living, I lived with the fear of discovery, loss of career, and the possibility of being tossed over the side of the ship, something that was sometimes done.

When I was 24, it became too much, the hiding, the lying to people I loved, the internalized homophobia, the fear, and I sat on my bed with the barrel of a gun in mouth. I could not imagine coming-out to anyone. As I sat there, my younger sister popped into my head and I wondered if she might accept me, and decided to at least try to come-out to her, and if she rejected me, then I would die. She totally accepted me and said that my being Gay made no difference to her. It was like the weight of a mountain had lifted off of me.

When I was 34, I retired from going to sea and wrote around 50 or so letters to my closest shipmates, coming-out to them about my being Gay. I mailed the letters on my way home from my last ship. When I got home, my partner of 6 years was in the process of leaving me for another guy, and he told me that he had been cheating on me every time I went to sea. My Autism kept me very isolated when I was not at sea, and I basically lived through my partner and his friends. My life centered on taking care of him and pleasing him.

Letters started to arrive from the 50 or so shipmates I came-out to. It was horrible. There were death-threats and about two-thirds of the letters were Hate-filled, "I hope you get AIDS and die and agonizing death," "Disgusting Faggot," "Burn in Hell," "You don't deserve to live," and others far too vile for me to write here. The other third of the letters were very supportive and nice, but the horror of the hate letters was too much for me. These were supposed to be my best mates, my friends.

I tried to get through it all, but one night it became too much and I tried to gas myself in my car. The only thing that saved me was that I had taken some of my ex-partners sedatives to help me drift-off in the car, and I had an allergic reaction to them, waking up violently vomiting, which propelled me out of the car. I asked myself again if there was anyway I could keep living like this, and the answer was still "No." But I did wonder if there was any way to fundamentally change my life. It seemed very unlikely, but I decided I needed to at least try, if not for me, for those who cared about me. I called a SUICIDE HOT LINE.

I finally got the help I needed to overcome depression and started working to overcome the worst effects of my Autism. Life became very good. I made a lot of friends, learned how to dance, and met my partner of over 20+ years now. What it took was my courage to reach-out for help and the courage and determination to work on my issues.

I wish that I had reached-out for help long before, instead of waiting until I hit rock bottom, almost dying in the process. Part of the problem than was that most people knew very little about mental health issues back then, and I was raised believing you had to solve your own problems and never talk about them.

I hope you can see the message of HOPE here. Once I got help, I committed myself completely to getting better, and in about 3 months I was feeling much better, and in about 6 months I was actually having fun and enjoying life a bit. In a year my life was completely turned around and I was healthy enough to recognize Greg as the love of my life.

When you are DEPRESSED, it is hard to reach-out to others because depression is very isolating. Depression also twists and distorts your thinking. Depression will tell you that you will never get better that no one cares that you are unloved, and on and on—and it is all a LIE. You CAN overcome depression. Talk to someone, get help. Life can be Wondrous, but you may have to reach for it and work for it.

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This is a very informative piece. Teen Suicide should be taken extremely seriously. We have lost so many young ones to suicide because of their sexuality. All these teens posted here and Jamey as well will be remembered.

with this art, the teens that are alive with their sexuality have hope. Some people need to understand this and you hit it on the nail with this. This can help spread the love instead of spreading hate against gays, lesbians, bisexuals and transgender. Love is Love...

this should help others learn about what youth we have lost due to suicide.

excellent job :)
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I'm autistic as well,and I found this very sad.When I was at WHA,the teachers bullied me.I tried committing suicide,but then a teacher violently grabbed my hand from my throat.I was taken out of there in an instant.I transferred to another school,but this one was for autistic children.I am a Oddesy of the Mind team member,I received a award for most improved in writing,I posted my first fan fiction on DA,and I hope you get to meet my class,and share your awe inspiring story to my classmates.I believe in you bro.

-An autistic girl who waits for her story to begin.
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inspiredcreativity Featured By Owner May 29, 2014  Professional Digital Artist
Hi Sir,  Did you know that I am Autistic too?  I would like to talk to you more about what you wrote.  Hopefully it is OK for me to send you a Note on DA, since I have a lot to say.  I wrote two DA deviations about Autism Spectrum Disorders, if you want to check them out:

Understanding AUTISM
Click on Symptoms of Autism Spectrum Disorders to get more information about some of the Autism Spectrum Disorders.
The following is a simplified explanation of autism, followed by more detail.  Near the end, I talk about HOW TO OVERCOME AUTISM. I will also talk about my own personal story of growing up Gay and overcoming much of my Autism.  Just know that I finally got there— I learned how to connect with people and make many friends, to find real love, not just people using me, and to find a measure of joy and happiness in life.
It used to be that people were diagnosed with a specific Syndrome, like:□ Asperger Syndrome
□ High-Functioning Autism
□ Sensory Processing Disorder (Sensory Integration Dysfunction)
□ Developmental Coordination Disor
Understanding AUTISM

Symptoms of Autism Spectrum Disorders
PLEASE Click on UNDERSTANDING AUTISM and READ it before reading this paper.
This is meant to be a relatively Short way to help you see if you are part of the Autism Spectrum Disorders, which includes:□ High Functioning Autism
□ Sensory Processing Disorder
(Sensory Integration Dysfunction)
□ Asperger Syndrome
□ Developmental Coordination Disorder
(Developmental Dyspraxia)
□ Dysgraphia
Most kids and adults who are in the Autism Spectrum and who do not show significant obvious symptoms, are SELDOM diagnosed. If the problems and symptoms are not glaring, no one bothers.  Even Kids with obvious symptoms are often not diagnosed, since many teachers are not trained to know what to look for and of course most parents do not know what to look for
Symptoms of Autism Spectrum Disorders

I’m very sorry to hear about how difficult your life has been.  I very much understand how you feel because I am Autistic I was also mentally and physically abused, as well as neglected.  In addition, I was raised in a strict Catholic environment, one controlled through guilt and shame, by both the church and my parents.  Not only that but I had to grow up Gay in a world where they wanted us dead, when it was completely unacceptable.  I first tried to kill myself at age 13 Coming Out Gay Age 13, 1968 by inspiredcreativity and came very close again at ages 16 and 18.  I grew up in the 1950s, 1960s and 1970s.  I was physically abused from infancy to age 15.

What I want you to please hear is that I survived and found happiness and love.  I also overcame much of my biggest autistic challenges in life (socially, mentally and physically).  Please know that there is a lot of hope for your future.  More good news it that you can start the process now, if you truly
 desire to feel better enough to do some work.  I had almost no help with my Autism or depression until I almost succeeded in killing myself at age 34.  Since then my life has completely changed for the better.  It would be very sad indeed if you had to wait until 34 years old to overcome depression and your biggest Autism challenges. 

You may think that being able to live with your Grandmother and go to another school will make all of your troubles 
disappear.  The problem is that you are already scarred by past abuse and this has set some negative patterns into your developing brain. These negative patterns can continue to sabotage your live for many years to come, until you reverse them.  The absolutely best time to do this is now, while your brain is still forming millions of neural pathways and connections every single day, tapering off at around age 25.

I am happy to hear that you are doing better and would like to see you to even better.  I know that it can be very difficult to imagine a future life that is much better than it is now, but it will get better.

Also, I have zero shame or negative feelings about being Autistic.  It is part of who I am.  Autism has its positive attributes.  I needed to overcome some of my Autism challenges because they were isolating me and keeping me from making freinds and maintaining relationships.  I also had some physical coordination problems that were preventing from doing things like playing frisbee and dancing.  I overcame the challenges that I felt were limiting my life. I still find it necessary to maintain certain life patterns, but I see not negatives around that.  So what if I order my daily pills a certain way, lol. that way I immediately know if one is missing.  At sea, I turned out to be extremely good at solving problems, be it engineering, people, logistics, equipment, electronics, etc.  I did not figure out that this was a positive autistic trait I had until age 23. When I became promoted to a higher rank at sea, and had to oversee the entire engine department and all of the people, I learned that I was too focused on individual problems and situations.  I had to force myself to back-off, delegate more and see the larger patterns.  It was not easy, but I simply chose to do it and then pushed past my desires to stay focused on a current problem.

In the past, Autistic were encouraged to focus on what they were good at and avoid what they are bad at. But now we know the opposite is true.  You will get better at what you are good at anyway, but if you avoid working on what you are bad at, you cannot grow and develop your full potential.  Autism does NOT have to ever be a limiter on your life.

I do not wish I had never been born Autistic, because I would not be who I am today without it, nor gained wisdom from the suffering from my youth.  But I do wish that I had gotten help with it from a very young age.  I did get speech therapy up through grade 6. I had a hell of a time with the letter R.  Go ahead and say the letter R and see what your tongue has to do.  I was fairly low functioning as younger boy, but I kept pushing myself hard.  I think it is partly due to the fact that everyone kept calling me retarded, moron, spaz, etc, and I was determined to prove them wrong.  Unfortunately, because of my depression, even when I kept getting rewards, promotions, letters of commendation and positive praise from supervisors and peers, I was constantly afraid that one day they would figure out the truth, that I was actually stupid. This was obviously my depression talking and convincing myself I was unworthy.  I don't want you to ever feel this way.

I feel, just from what you wrote and what I see your your DA page/art/literature, that you are really talented and smart for your age.  Don't believe anyone who tells you otherwise, including yourself.  I failed 1st grade and was diagnosed as Mentally Retarded, and was to be put in an institution for the Mentally Retarded (what they called it back then).  My mother refused and had me checked by a special doctor, who diagnosed me with Central Processing Disorder, now know as part of Autism spectrum disorders.  They missed the other disorders, like High Functioning Autism and Dyspraxia, because they did not know anything about those things then. I could not read because each of my eyes was reading by itself, but my brain was not putting them together, so I was basically seeing double.  They had me pace back and forth on a balance-beam hours a day.  My father raised it higher every few days to make it hurt more when I fell off, to give me more incentive.

Eventually, I had to read flash cards being held up at each end, as I paced, and then flash cards with words.  I then did so well that I skipped 3rd grade.  In 9th grade we were all given IQ (intelligence) Tests and various Aptitude Tests to determine what career you might be good in.  My parents and I had to meet with a counselor who said I tested in the Mentally Retarded range and could not possibly go to college.  I protested that I was on the Deans list (top grades in school), but he said, “Test don’t lie.”

Actually testes do lie, a lot.  I do badly on multiple choice questions because I over-analyze them and see too many possibilities.  I had to work really, really hard to get good grades. I have memory problems. I learned how to work around bad memory, which actually gave me skills others did not have.  My life was defined by studying.  After graduating High School, I went to a Merchant Marine Academy, earning a 4-year Degree in Engineering in just 3 years, and graduating number one in my class.  I went to work for Exxon, going to sea on Supertanker ship and was promoted rapidly, worked up to the highest rank possible of Chief Engineer.  I saved and invested care fly and apparently skillfully and was able to retire for life at age 34, after only 13 years of working.  I then went into Volunteer work to feed the hungry, care for the dying and learned how to be a Peer counselor, which I still do now.  I also went back into art and formed my own Graphic Design company, which was mostly for enjoyment.

Do you see now how you cannot and must not believe people who tell you what you are not capable of and what you cannot do and how you might be insufficient?  The world is full of idiots who believe they can look at you and classify you in a box and know all about you. They usually have college degrees purporting to say that they are experts.  The things these people said I could not do or was bad at, I proved them all wrong.  Whatever you desire to do, it is mostly a matter of will-power and determination.

DEPRESSION: It sounds like you have been depressed and probably still are depressed, although it might be low-grade depression.  There are some things you can start doing right now to turn that around, to reverse the negative patterns in your brain.  If you are interested, feel free to write me a Note.

Please, any time you are feeling bad, or want to talk, feel free to write to me.  You can send me a Note through DA, which is private and confidential.  I will send you a Note, to continue this conversation a bit more, as soon as I get a chance to write it.

All the best, Matthew
ThePanicLegend Featured By Owner Mar 13, 2014  Student
I have had/have huge depression issues sorta because of this, but more because my first bf broke up with me, it still fucks me up, I was only living in a fake happiness after, and it crashes too much, I've had the thought at times but haven't really done it :/ I live in Sweden were moral laws are held high and religion isn't spread so luckily bullying isn't a mattering factor, if it was, I don't know if I would've still been here tbh.
inspiredcreativity Featured By Owner Mar 13, 2014  Professional Digital Artist
Hi Felix, I know how bad it is to lose the guy you love. I was at sea on a ship when my partner of 6 years left me for another guy.  I tried to kill myself, but survived.  I got help for my depression.  I forced myself to start to get out of the house, go dancing at a gay place and start to make new freinds.  

Then I met Greg My Partner and I by inspiredcreativity.  We are married now and have been together going on 25 years.

I know it feels depressing for you right now, but please remember that you will find love again. Each time I lost the man I loved, I was able to love the next man even more.  Please don't give-up.  It will get better.  I tried to kill myself when I was 13.  If I had died, I never would have found the love of my life, or my friends and the fun things I have done in my life.

Please consider seeing a counselor about your depression. If you want to write to me privately, you can send me a NOTE on DeviantArt, which is private.

It sound like you have had depression problems for a long time, going up and down.  I was like this also.  Boyfriends gave me some happiness, but I was not happy from myself. I did not get help until age 34 and then I was finally able to feel happiness on my own.  When I finally felt happiness, it attracted men like a magnet.  Men kept asking me for dates. 

evillionblaze Featured By Owner Feb 12, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
it's really sad how people treat others because of their sexuality. it's not their fault and there is nothing wrong with it. people need to understand that it is not their decision and to deal with it. just because someone is different doesn't mean it's bad. America has a big problem with realizing a lot of things...
inspiredcreativity Featured By Owner Feb 14, 2014  Professional Digital Artist
Yes, it is incredibly sad. I tried to kill myself when I was 13 years old and I now work to help young Sexual Minorities survive the depression and sadness they experience from being treated badly.

Almost all homophobia is rooted in Christianity and Islam. Not all Christians and Muslims are against Sexual Minorities, but worldwide, most are. We have been hunted, murdered, executed, tortured, imprisoned, isolated, condemned, hated and discriminated against for hundreds of years, all almost exclusively by Christians and Muslims. Christianity religions and Islam basically grant permission to be a bigot and discriminate against Sexual Minorities, all sin-free. You don't even have to feel guilty about it. In this way, religion shares a great deal of the responsibility for the horrors committed again Sexual Minorities over the history of mankind. Before Christianity, homosexuality was widely accepted in the Massive Persian, Greek and Roman Empires, as well as in the aboriginal peoples of the Americas, Australian continent, Island groups, Asian peoples, etc.

Christianity was not homophobic for hundreds of years. The New Testament, written in Coptic Greek, does not say anything against homosexuality. It was not until AD 1100 that the Story of Sodom & Gomorrah was reinterpreted for the first time, to see the story in terms of homosexuality. This was done by choosing to interpret the word "KNOW" in a sexual way, instead of the interrogative way it was intended. Then, when the Bible was being translated in languages like Latin, English, Dutch, Italian, French, Spanish, etc, in the late Middle Ages ages, biased translators completely mistranslated two words in the Letters of Paul (Romans, Corinthians and Timothy), claiming they meant homosexual sex.

BIGOT Defined:
Someone who, as a result of their prejudices, treats or views other people with fear, distrust, hatred, contempt, or intolerance on the basis of a person's opinion, ethnicity, race, religion, national origin, gender, gender identity, sexual orientation, disability, socioeconomic status, or other characteristics.

Preconceived unfavorable judgments toward people or a person because of gender, social class, age, disability, religion, sexuality, race/ethnicity, language, nationality or other personal characteristics. Prejudice also refers to unfounded beliefs.

Many people simply use religion as an excuse to be bigoted. Bigotry is founded in certain Human traits. People tend to want to feel that they fundamentally better or superior to others. This is often done by trying to tear others down, like picking on Sexual Minorities, or boys picking on girls, or looking down on someone for being Jewish or Muslim, etc. If homosexuality did not exist, then some other group would be picked to tear down.

OBJECTIFICATION & STEREOTYPING: When boys and men look at girls and women as sexual objects, it means that they see girls simply as objects for providing sexual pleasure, not seeing girls on a personal individual level. Objectification takes place in all forms of bigotry. For example, a homophobic person sees all Gay men as perverts, promiscuous, child molesters, disgusting, immoral, substance abusers, etc.

IGNORANCE is also a founding block of Bigotry and Prejudice. Typically, a bigot knows very little about the people, religions or subject that they are bigoted against.

The day my ex-partner and I moved into a conservative neighborhood, a neighbor visited and warned us that there had been a meeting about how to get rid of the Fags moving in, talking about fears of their children being molested, property values dropping, having a derelict home in the neighborhood, etc. Our response was to go next door, knock on the door, introduce ourselves and invite them to dinner in a couple of days. We kept doing this, sometimes invited multiple couples over. Each dinner went very well.

Once people meet you and see that you are not the monsters that they thought all Gay people were, and saw that we were very much like them, saw that our relationship was just like theirs, then the bigotry disappeared. We even did some babysitting of kids. There was only one couple, in the house across from us, who would scream things across at us, like "Fucking Faggots." I would should things back, like "And Proud of it," or "Every change we get." They sold their house and moved.

Another big source of bigotry comes from FEAR.

For homophobia, oddly, some homosexuality can cause a person to be bigoted against other Sexual Minorities. They hate the the attractions they feel to the same gender and blame these feelings on other Sexual minorities.
Supergirl411 Featured By Owner Jul 26, 2013
This really hit close to home for me. When I was around 12, I figured out that i liked girls. When my aunt came out,my mother looked me in the eyes and told me to never be like her. That being gay is immoral and wrong. Kids in the neighborhood would bully me to the point that I didn't want to leave the house. I thought that life was meaningless. That no one would miss me. Luckily, I found a friend  was there for me and told me its okay. She told me that it would get better. And it did. I'm just glad that I lived long enough to see it.
inspiredcreativity Featured By Owner Jul 27, 2013  Professional Digital Artist
I am very happy to hear that you survived.  I barely survived two actual suicide attempts and came very close two other times.  I survey the last attempt by a fluke accident. But at least I finally got some help.   I ask youth in crisis to consider if I had succeeded in killing myself so long ago.  I would never have met the love of my life (Greg - married and 23 years together), I would not have had years of making new friend, dancing and enjoying life.

I just lost my mother in March.  When I came-out to her she called me a disgusting pervert and said she would rather me be dead.  Be her love for me eventually overcame her homophobia and she became a supporter of Gay Rights and she and my father told Greg that he was their son too.   At first, when I came-out, my mother went through all of the stages of grief, including trying to bargain with me, like trying to get me to see a shrink to get 'fixed.'  I told her I wasn't broken that I loved being Gay and would not change it for anything.

She asked me to pretend to be straight when with her and to never talk about 'that' part of my life.  But I refused and told her that she cannot have me in pieces. As my mother, she is supposed to love me unconditionally.  I asked her if she really wanted to be exclude from most of my life, and if I have children, if she wants to be excluded from them.  I told her that it comes down to having to choose between her homophobia or having me in her life.

My mother was first generation born in America, with her parents from Czechoslovakia, Roman Catholic, 9 children, and raised to be extremely homophobia.   She came a long way in overcoming her homophobia, and her motivation was her love for me.

When it comes to Christianity and the Bible, I can assure you that the original Bible, written in Coptic Greek, never had a bad thing to same about homosexuality or same-sex sex.  If your mother is open minded enough to at least listen, you can give her the proof that neither Jesus nor God aver said anything against homosexuality, and even Paul (in Romans & Corinthians) also did not stay anything against homosexuality.  It all comes down to the translation of two Coptic Greek words that started being translated wrong a thousand years after the birth of Christ.  They stuck the two two words together and claim it means homosexual sex, yet that is not the correct translation.

Most of homophobia is based in complete ignorance, so a lot of what you will be trying to do is educating her in the truth.  If she totally rejects you and refuses to listen to what you have to say, it is hard to say if she will eventually become accepting.  But playing games like pretending you are not Lesbian around her and never talking about that part of your life, all it does in enable her homophobia.  

The code word for homosexual, or gay, in our community, has always been 'FAMILY.'  You could not even risk being overheard saying Gay or homosexual or Lesbian, for fear of death or great bodily harm, so we used the word 'Family.'

Back then, when we entered the Gay Community, it is beyond description what it felt like.  We were sop completely suppressed and rejected in the world, and then we would enter the Gay community and suddenly you were surrounded by people like you who would love you and support you.  The Gay Community really became our central family.  What can be worse than feeling rejection from out own parents? Please just remember that family is where we feel at home. We meet those who brome like fathers and mothers, brothers and sisters, and of course, best freinds.

I fear the loss of the sense of 'Family' in the Gay community, but if it is lost, hopefully it will because we as a community no longer need it, because we are fully accepted pretty much everywhere else.

Supergirl411 Featured By Owner Jul 27, 2013
Thanks for the advice
inspiredcreativity Featured By Owner Jul 28, 2013  Professional Digital Artist
You are most welcome.
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