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January 8, 2010
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The Science of GAYDAR by inspiredcreativity The Science of GAYDAR by inspiredcreativity

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Note: Gaydar is built over time. The more you are around people you know to be homosexual, the better you get at it, because you start picking up on the very subtle things we tend to do, how we act, talk, facial expression, body language, etc. I am Autistic and my Gaydar took a long time to develop, and I still miss ones others see. So some people are better at it than others.

ALSO, there is a new study from the University Of Pennsylvania showing that Gay Men and Lesbians can recognize and identify the odor of others who share their sexual preference. This kind of scent-based gaydar enables gays to pinpoint potential partners. It is the power of Pheromones, and shows a definite chemical difference in Pheromones of homosexuals.

This is a PDF Document. Click on [link] (DOWNLOAD) to Read it or Download it.

Please also see my deviation on [link] (The Science of Homosexuality).

You are free to download it for Personal or School use.

Please Take the GADAR TEST and Watch the VIDEO.

This is almost everything there is to know about how Homosexuals and Bisexuals are biologically, physiologically, and cognitively different from Heterosexuals, and how to recognize those Traits.

Between this paper and my PDF on [link] (The Science of Homosexuality.pdf), there is zero doubt that we are born Homosexual or Bisexual, although part of that process may have happened in the womb.

Already some radical Conservatives have noted that soon we will be able to test a fetus for the Homosexuality, and then either treat it with hormone therapy to turn it Straight, or to abort the fetus.

I fear that this will be a battleground for my younger Queer Brothers and Sisters. I sure hope not, but you know it is true.

Homosexuality exists in over 1,500 Species that we know of so far. It is Natural and part of what keeps the human and animal Genome.

ENJOY the Read.

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MeiMei9200 Featured By Owner Aug 13, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
;n; I have no gaydar. xD
inspiredcreativity Featured By Owner Aug 14, 2013  Professional Digital Artist
Gaydar develops as you spend more time with other Sexual Minority people.  Most Gays and Lesbians do not look or act Gay or Lesbian in stereotypical ways.  They look and act like everyone else.  When you spend time around other Gay people, you instinctually and automatically learn to look for very small subtle differences between Sexual Minority people and other people, and then you are able to start recognizing it in other people.

Most young people do not develop Gaydar until they are able to spend time socializing in their Gay Community.  This means that most Gay people do not develop much Gaydar until they are adults. Some teenagers have ways to socialize within their Gay Community, which is why they gain Gaydar early in life.  I was never around anyone Gay until age 22.  I had NO Gaydar. But as I made freinds in the Gay Community and socialized there more, I gained Gaydar.

Some teenagers have ways to socialize within their Gay Community, which is why they gain Gaydar early in life.  I was never around anyone Gay until age 22.  I had NO Gaydar.  I was slow to get Gaydar, because I sailed on ships much of the time, then came home to socialize some with other Gay people. Every Gay person I knew had Gaydar, except for me.  But I have it now that I am an old man.

In American we have a word called CRUISING, which describes a way of meeting Sexual Minority people on the street, in the grocery store, anywhere.

CRUISING: This is when a Gay person wants to transmit an interest (friendship, romantic, or sexual) in another Gay person.  The biggest tool of Cruising is EYE CONTACT, especially if contact lingers a fraction of a second too long.


     1. You can tell a lot from someone’s stare or eye gazing. Do his or her eyes linger on you just a little too long? Do his or her eyes meet your eyes and hold for just a moment?  We Gay people can do a lot with our eyes. Then you can add a subtle smile if you are being careful, or a big smile if you want to be more obvious.


     2. Look for gentle body contact when you walk past someone.


     3. When you walk past someone, and you are interested in him or her, look back after two-seconds. If he or she  looks back at you, that person might be interested in you too!

MeiMei9200 Featured By Owner Aug 17, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Cool. I never saw it that way. Thanks. :D
inspiredcreativity Featured By Owner Aug 18, 2013  Professional Digital Artist
You are most welcome.
MeiMei9200 Featured By Owner Sep 2, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
DeviantAspie Featured By Owner Jul 1, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Oh? so I have no sexual orientation? I get turned on by guys?? Well this is big news to me...seriously most of these scientists don't know how to do their job...
inspiredcreativity Featured By Owner Jul 1, 2013  Professional Digital Artist
I need to know exactly what you are referring to in the paper.
DeviantAspie Featured By Owner Jul 2, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist

"In many other studies, though, lesbians have appeared less unique than gay men,
leading some people to wonder if their sexual orientation is innate. Michael Bailey—who,
as a heterosexual researcher, is a minority in this field—even doubts the existence of
female sexual orientation, if by orientation we mean a fundamental drive that defies our
conscious choices. He bases this provocative gambit on a sexual-arousal study he and his
students conducted. When shown pornographic videos, men have an undeniable response
either to gay or straight images but not both, according to sensitive gauges attached to
their genitals—it’s that binary. Female sexual response is more democratic, opaque, and
unpredictable: Arousal itself is harder to track, and there is evidence that it defies easy
categorization. “I don’t yet understand female partner choices very well, and neither does
anyone else,” Bailey wrote me in an e-mail. “What I do think it’s time to do is admit that
female sexuality looks in some ways very different from male sexuality, and that there is
no clear analog in women of men’s directed sexual-arousal pattern, which I think is their
sexual orientation. I am not sure that women don’t have a sexual orientation, but it is
certainly unclear that they do.”
He contends that what they have instead is sexual preference—they might prefer sex
with women, but something in their brains can still sizzle at the thought of men."

Sorry, I just copied what I responded to. I don't think he has researched enough to conclude anything, and I think you are right: lesbians are probably less studied because when it came to the AIDS break outs. Lesbians seem to have it in a much lesser number than anyone else. Women studies in general are very few, even today, because men tend to be the ones getting sick the most often and they die a few it not several years younger than a typical female.
inspiredcreativity Featured By Owner Jul 3, 2013  Professional Digital Artist
This deviation is a bit out of date, since the area of sexual and gender research has been moving very fast. The quote in question shows how limited the thinking some researchers could be in their analysis and conclusions from their data.

As the Swedish research showed, Female sexual arousal is not tightly linked to sexual Orientation, but that certainly does not suggest that sexual orientation n women does not exist. It is really absurd.

We do know that female sexuality is more fluid in women compared to men, but this applies more to women who are closer to the center of the sexual orientation spectrum (not solidly Straight or Lesbian). For example, there are a number of primarily Straight women who have been badly abused by men in some way. These women then adopted a Lesbian lifestyle because they could not stand to be around men. In the Lesbian Community, these are best known as "Man Haters," and they hate all men, Straight or Gay.

I have never seen Gay men be unfriendly to Lesbians, especially in clubs and bars, but I have frequently experienced bad treatment by 'Man Hater' Lesbians. The most recent incident happened early this year. My Lesbian sister and her wife told my partner and I to meet them at the Wildrose [link], a Lesbian bar & restaurant, for dinner. We arrived early. The stares and looks we got ranged from distaste to anger. We sat down and waited for 10 minutes but no came to our table. so my partner went to the bar to get us something to drink, and the bartender kept ignoring him and serving others as they showed-up. When my sister and her wife showed up, they took one look around and suggested we go elsewhere, before we had even said anything.

Anyway, back to flexible female sexuality. We also see much more sexual flexibility in female prisons, where otherwise straight identified women seem to fairly easily switch into a Lesbian relationship, them back to straight when they are released. Males can also make this switch, but at a much lower rate and it is more traumatic (usually through rape and intimidate/protection).

However, we do not know if some of this is do to the culture of our society, with the difference in how males and females are treated from birth, the social moires drilled into you from birth, in how masculinity is defined by society (strength and aggression). To attack your masculinity in most men attacks at their very being, at what defines them, which is feather sad. It does not have to be that way. We are not Hunter-Gatherers anymore.

Sexual Orientation does exist in females, without question. But defining sexual orientation based on sexual arousal, either in men or women, is absurd. It is true that sexual arousal in men correlated more closely to sexual orientation than in women, but this I believe has more to do with genetic biological imperatives. Men are genetically programed to reproduce as often as possible and whenever possible. Females are genetically programmed to create family units to ensure the successful survival of offspring.

Therefore, female sexuality is geared more around romantic bonding, it is much more emotionally based than in men. Females can much more sexually satisfied emotionally than physically, while men are geared the other way. Females, at least girls and young women, can become sexually aroused by viewing images of Straight, Gay male and Lesbian pornography, but in the real world, around actual human sexuality, building sexual arousal in women is much more emotional based, and making love is typically more emotionally based, as is the ability to reach orgasm.

Throughout history, women have complained of men getting off far before they have, and of going for a decade or a lifetime without ever reaching orgasm. The reason for this is that men are taught (via society) to get in there and have sex and be done with it, rather than making Love. It explain to Straight boys that a very minimal of at least 45 minutes to an hour should be spent in foreplay before sex, just to get the proper vaginal expansion and natural lubrication, let alone build passion for full arousal. Before any of that happens, just laying there and connection and sharing with the female partner is a big first step in the process of arousal, or in other words, expressing love.

If an otherwise Straight woman can become emotionally fulfilled by another woman in prison, then the physical part is a small price to pay, especially if the Straight one does not do the sexual things to the other person she might find distasteful (many such prison sexual relationships tend to be more one-sided sexually).

If researchers would actually examine both the emotional and physical things going on in sexuality, they just might get more accurate conclusions.

There is a habit in our society of seeing men as from mars and women as from venus and that they are very different creatures. It is true that there are differences in the brain, differences in behavior, differences in eye-sight (females see more colors and colors are more saturated), hearing differences, so on. But that said, the differences between men and women are more nuanced than dramatic, but we perceive and make them out to be dramatic.

The reality is that about 20% of men have brains, hearing, etc, more like those of women, and about 20% of women have brains, hearing, etc more like men. This is more evidence for when I say that even gender is on a spectrum.

You can have a very butch woman with who is completely straight, and you can have an effeminate man who is very straight, and you can have hyper-feminized women who are Lesbians and hyper-masculinized men who are Gay.

We know a whole lot more now about how male homosexuality happens, and very little about lesbians. The biggest reason for this has more to do with statistics. It was noticed that younger sons in families with more than one boy, was much more likely to be born homosexual. This started a number of lines of research.

But it is way overdue to start looking more into female homosexuality and sexual orientation in general.
DeviantAspie Featured By Owner Jul 5, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
*shakes head* Now I know why men generally think I am a man hater because I am a lesbian. To be honest I can be more understanding to men than women...being my sole attraction is of one gender, the same as heterosexual men. I have a distaste for "man hating" lesbians but I can understand why, but then again, there is always professional help. It is only a matter of if they actually take that help to heart.

I think this "flexibility" is all how female's brains are wired. Females are in general, nurturers, they are not aggressive, and love to show affection, of course, I use general because not all women are like this... I think men for the most part are still "evolutionarily" hardwired to be tough and strong (masculine) but as ages pass I am starting to see those types of men are lessening...then again, it could be because of society like you said...I just go with BOTH so I don't have to think about it too much. LOL.

LOL. My mom is butch but she is heterosexual.

I was thinking about going into the Women Sexuality Studies and the LGBT Studies... but then...people would think the research is biased...sigh...
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