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January 7, 2010
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The Science of Homosexuality by inspiredcreativity The Science of Homosexuality by inspiredcreativity

It appears you don't have PDF support in this web browser. Download PDF

This is a PDF Document. Click on [link] (DOWNLOAD) to Read it or Download it.

Please also see my deviation on [link] (The Science of GAYDAR).

I just updated the PDF to fix broken Links.

You are free to download it for Personal or School use.

Please Watch the 2 VIDEOS in the PDF. The Links in the PDF don't work when viewed in DA or in your Browser. Please download it to your computer to make the links work, or use these two Links:
    Gay Twins and the Science of Epigenetics [link]

    CBS 20/20 Video of Jared & Adam, 9-year-old Identical Twins: [link]
This is walk you through the science of how and why you, or others you know, were born homosexual or bisexual.

It shows that the preponderance of the evidence, if not the overwhelming evidence is that people are born homosexual or bisexual, and once you are born that Sexual Orientation will not change. However, it should be noted that a person's Sexual Identity can change.

For an explanation of the physical difference between Homosexuals and Heterosexuals, see my deviation on [link] (The Science of GAYDAR).

I have researched this extensively and have carefully followed developments for the past 20 years. There is much more documentation, but i wanted to keep this as short as possible.

Between this paper and my PDF on [link] (The Science of GAYDAR.pdf), there is zero doubt that we are born Homosexual or Bisexual, although part of that process may have happened in the womb.

Already some radical Conservatives have noted that soon we will be able to test a fetus for the Homosexuality, and then either treat it with hormone therapy to turn it Straight, or to abort the fetus.

I fear that this will be a battleground for my younger Queer Brothers and Sisters. I sure hope not, but you know it is true.

Homosexuality exists in over 1,500 Species that we know of so far. It is Natural and part of what keeps the human and animal Genome.

ENJOY the Read.

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Six-Foot-Two Featured By Owner Jan 3, 2013
very interesting article, thank you for sharing!
inspiredcreativity Featured By Owner Jan 3, 2013  Professional Digital Artist
You are most welcome. The deviation is getting a bit out of date, since there is so much new science coming out around homosexuality, but this still gives you a good background. The most important role of science in homosexuality is in convincing the general population that Homosexuality is in factor Natural and part of not only the human genome, but of the entire animal kingdom.

The reason why this is so important is because of both Christianity and Islam desperately clinging to the idea that homosexuality is something you choose and is somehow an abomination of nature. If they claim that their Gods make no mistakes, and science proves that all forms of homosexuality are in fact natural and part of the human genome, then their god obviously intended it that way.

The Catholic church in America (American Conference of Bishops) have acknowledged that ‘some' homosexuals (non including bisexuals) are born that way and that God intended that such people bear the burden of living all their lives without sex, as a test of their faith. I must give them credit for creativity in their lies, lol.

However, the Science of Homosexuality is a double edged sword that can also the LGBTQ community. Already there is talk by religious people about how Science could be used to eliminate homosexuality from mankind, a form of genocide, they say like eliminating a disease or birth defect.

The battle against homophobes may have another 100 years to go. It is my hope that you and future generations of LGBTQ people will keep fighting against homophobia and not become complacent.
Six-Foot-Two Featured By Owner Jan 6, 2013
I think honestly a lot of Christians are threatened by homosexuality...because being homosexual isn't really a choice, it's just how some people are wired differently (for whatever reason). And God says in his Bible that he disagrees with people are confused about it in general, and it pushes a lot of folks away from the church.

I want to laugh at these people, because honestly, he's God. He can't be threatened. lol. and also: "Don't hate somebody because they sin differently than you." -anon

My opinion on homosexuality? Coming from a Christian standpoint: mind your own business. (not YOU fyi; just in general) Have a relationship with God, don't judge people (that's not your job as a Christian, it's to follow Jesus and help others), and love, love, love.

I'm sorry if you've had people judging you in your life because you're gay or whatever, I admire your drive. :) Peace, friend.
inspiredcreativity Featured By Owner Jan 7, 2013  Professional Digital Artist
Out of convenience, when talking about Christianity and Homosexuality, we tend to lump all Christians together. However, not all Christians are stuck to the ‘homosexuality is a sin’ lie. There are a number of churches, like the MCC, Unitarian, and some Lutheran churches who believe that same-sex sex, when done within the framework of a loving long-term relationship, is NOT a sin. Remember that ALL sex outside of marriage is considered a sin in all Christian Faiths. These other churches, like the MCC, simply believe that same-sex couples can be married in the eyes of God, therefore homosexual sex between loving couples is Ok.

We keep hearing that God and the Bible are against homosexuality, yet this is not true. If you look at the New Testament, it is important to note that Matthew, Mark, Luke and John never show Jesus ever once say a single word or hint that homosexuality is wrong or bad, or that same-sex sex is wrong or bad. This is especially significant since Jesus was born and raised and lived his 33 to 35 years in the Roman Empire, in Judea, where there was a very strong Roman presence and cultural influence (in both directions).

Archeology has now shown that Jesus was raised in a very urban area with a high density of Roman Citizens and Roman Garrisons. Same-sex sex was openly practiced by Romans and part of their culture. Jesus was bound to have at least heard of same-sex sex. Homosexuality was not a concept in the ancient world. Same-sex sex was just once aspect or form of sexual expression. In fact, there is no Greek word for homosexuality nor even a specific word for same-sex sex, just sex. Jesus’ father Joseph was a carpenter, which back then would be an upper-middle-class trade, and he would have worked primarily for Romans in that particular setting.

The often quoted passages in Paul, Romans and Corinthians, were deliberately mistranslated at around AD 1100. If you look at the oldest surveying copy of the writings of Paul, you will find that Paul never said anything against homosexuality. The New Testament was originally written entirely in Coptic Greek. Translators took word-pair and claimed it meant homosexual sex, even though the same word-pair is used elsewhere in Greek writing and in the Bible, without any sexual meaning.

God never mentioned homosexuality or same-sex sex in the Ten Commandments. The story of Sodom and Gomorrah never had anything to do with homosexuality in the Jewish Faith, and not in the Christian Faith until AD 1100. Christians base the entire homosexuality thing on when the Sodomites called out to Lot to send the strangers (angels) out to them, so that they might KNOW them. Christian translators believe that the word KNOW meant that ALL Sodomites, men, women, and children, wanted sex with the strangers, claiming the word “KNOW” meant ‘to have sex with.’ It is absurd, because in the thousands of usages of that word in the Bible, there are only a few believed to be about sex. The story does not say the the Sodomites present were only men.

I take a much deeper look at this in my three deviations, for both the New and Old Testaments:
    New Testament & Homosexuality [link]
    Old Testament & Homosexuality [link]
    SODOM DESTROYED ON 6-29-3129BC [link]
I agree with you that a person’s Faith should be a private thing, or shared with those of like beliefs, and should never be imposed on others. But the history of both Islam and Christianity is one of imposing the faith on others, often brutally and through invasion and threat.

Peace to as well, and a Happy New Year.
Six-Foot-Two Featured By Owner Jan 7, 2013
Thanks, you too...and thank you for the information! God bless and happy New Year. :)
talia-vin Featured By Owner Jan 26, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
inspiredcreativity Featured By Owner Jan 27, 2012  Professional Digital Artist
Thank You. If you have an interest in my other LGBTQ relation Deviations, you can find them here: [link]

I have ones on Love, Relationships, finding a Mate...
talia-vin Featured By Owner Jan 27, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
i read the gaydar one, good to know that i'm not just crazy (i had to explain "gaydar" to my mother once. she just gave me her blank-faced skeptical social worker face.)

i shall peruse your gallery slowly but surely : )
inspiredcreativity Featured By Owner Jan 29, 2012  Professional Digital Artist
My goodness, a Social Worker would surely be familiar with Gaydar. Does she not ever work with LGBTQ people?
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